Posted by: jinniver | September 30, 2010

All good things…

“So, what happened to ‘The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts’ isn’t going to die?”

The question from my friend was a bit pointed, but eminently fair. I did say just that in my last post here…almost 3 months ago. Well, my good intentions ran smack dab into a bit of reality.

During the last month and a half, I’ve been writing 2 patterns, knitting 3 design samples, and trying to establish a design business. I’ve got my design blog, which has been coming along quite well…but I’ve got a lot more work ahead of me because I’ve registered my domain at Right now it just tells you that the web site is coming soon, so you can see the work I’ve got to do there. I’ve also got a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page for The Magpie Knitter.

In other words, there just hasn’t been enough time for a personal knitting blog, especially since I’ve been posting almost all the things I would have talked about here over on my design blog. So this will be the last post on The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts. I’m sorry to see it go, because I’m quite proud of what I built here, but it’s time to move on. I won’t be deleting the blog, because there’s still enough daily traffic–plus, it’s still a record of where I started that I want to keep.

The designs will stay here for now, but eventually, they’ll be moving permanently over to The Magpie Knitter–most of them are there now, in fact, but they’ll be removed from here once I’ve had a chance to rework them. In some cases that’ll just be a matter of putting them in my new design template, but in other cases I have ideas on how to improve the designs and maybe add more sizes. But it’ll happen gradually, so if you really want these designs as is, you’ve got time.

So, that’s all from here. Hopefully I’ll see you over on The Magpie Knitter. Thanks for spending time with me!



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