Posted by: jinniver | June 13, 2008

I’d rather be knitting with it

There are, so I’ve heard, quite a few wonderful soy yarns out there. I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on any of it yet, but it’s definitely on my short list. In the meantime, however, the only soy in our house is this:

I took baby girl to the doctor on Thursday because I felt that by seven months, the spitting up should have stopped. Turns out I was right…and Lexie might have a milk protein intolerance. So, we’re giving soy formula a try. Much as I’m looking forward to the end of three outfit changes a day, I’m almost hoping this is not the answer–because I really don’t want to think about baby girl dealing with a food intolerance down the road. I guess we’ll see.

Passing it on

“What are you doing, Mommy?” asked Jeffrey tonight.

“I’m knitting,” I told him. It’s not like I haven’t answered that question a couple hundred times in the ten months since I first picked up sticks and yarn, but it’s funny how it seems new to him every time.

“I want to knit!” he announced.

So I pulled him up on my lap–I’m working on a garter stitch burp cloth, so there’s really not much he could do to damage it–and he immediately grabbed the needles by the very end. That worked well, because I could still hold closer to the tips and guide the needles. I got the needle in place and then showed him the proper way to wrap the yarn around the needle to complete the stitch. It took a few tries, but he got the hang of it.

Of course, as soon as he did, he announced, “I all done knitting.” That’s okay…I’ll get him hooked one stitch at a time.

Speaking of passing it on…

Don’t forget: June 14 is World Wide Knit In Public (WWKIP) day! So don’t hide at home tomorrow with your knitting–take it outside! You can do your knitting literally outside, if you have the weather for it, but at least find yourself a nice public location and whip out that WIP. The link above has searchable lists of WWKIP gatherings around the world, so check for one in your area. If there isn’t one, feel free to blaze your own trail. And if you have some old needles and yarn lying around that you’re not planning on using, take that with you. I’ve got several cheap (but serviceable) bamboo needles I don’t need and several balls of cotton yarn I no longer have plans for, so I’m going to shove ’em in my bag. That way I’ll be ready if anyone shows any interest! I’ll spend a couple hours at the local Starbucks, then my usual afternoon with the ladies at Knotty Girls, and maybe even a few hours in the evening at the Barnes & Noble (someone suggested that last weekend as we stitched together).

Watch this space!

I got this wild hair the other day…and you might be the beneficiary of a lot of good humor out of it. In an earlier post, I mentioned the beautiful hand-dyed yarns I just received. One of the colorways was named “Here Comes the Sun,” and for some reason I just have to knit something sun related. But an extensive search on Ravelry didn’t bring up any sun patterns that work for what I have.

While searching for the answer to a lace knitting tangle I’d gotten myself into, I found a tutorial on lace knitting that did an outstanding job of deconstructing lace charts for the novice.  It was quite simple to see how a knitter could look at a chart and see what the lace pattern would look like…which is really a pretty short jump from writing your own lace patterns.

So, despite being almost a complete lace neophyte (I have exactly one pattern repeat on one lace pattern under my belt), I’m going to design a lace pattern.  Of a sun.  That looks kinda like this:

This is either going to be awesome, or an utter disaster.  Either way, it should be fun to watch!



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