Posted by: jinniver | June 11, 2008

Kids say the darnedest things…

I know–no big revelation there.  But it doesn’t make some of the things that come out of my son’s mouth any less funny.

I’m trying to get a little bit of privacy this morning to get dressed–a concept Jeffrey doesn’t understand.  Finally, I got him out of the bathroom and locked the door behind him.  He was most put out when he discovered he couldn’t open the door.  “What are you doing, Mommy?” he yelled.

“I’m trying to have some privacy!” I yelled back.

“What happened to your privacy, Mommy?” asked my literal-minded son.

“I had kids!”

Later, I was dressed enough, so I let him back in and started to brush my hair.  Jeffrey got a look at my stomach.  “Ohhhh…” he said, poking me, “what are these, Mommy?”

I sighed.  “They’re stretch marks, sweetie,” I answered.

Jeffrey thought for a few moments.  “I love your stretch marks.”

I love you too, kid.



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  2. My 3 year old son calls my stretch marks “owies.” He also likes to point to pimples on my face and let me know I have an owie there too 🙂


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