Posted by: jinniver | July 3, 2010

The Infallible Baby Dust Yarn

Want to get pregnant?  Buy Three Irish Girls yarn!

Ok, not really.  Well, maybe really.  When yet another member of the Three Irish Girls group announced her pregnancy, someone put 2 and 2 together…and 2…and then 2…and we realized that 8 women in our group are currently pregnant (although we’re really hoping the number is 7 or will be soon, since one woman is more than week overdue).  I think there have also been several who have had babies within the last year or so, after having joined a Three Irish Girls club or buying some of their yarn.  And it’s not just the Three Irish Girls label; Yarn Love, a collaboration between Katie and Sharon, appears to be equally potent.

Oh, and if you want twins, open a yarn store and put in a large order for Three Irish Girls and/or Yarn Love yarn.  It worked for the owner of Pulling at Strings.

So the question remains:  what on earth is Sharon putting in the yarn?

The other question is whether those of us who have decided that our family growing days are over should cancel our club subscriptions.  Unsurprisingly, we all seem willing to risk it, and the generous offers to help us destash from others who are planning for more children (or are pretty sure it would take a miracle) have all been declined.

But I’m doing my best to make sure Steve never hears about this conversation…because I’m not willing to risk this:

3ig yarns starting w/ 7/3/10
1. 3IG Springvale DK Art Deco, 2. 3IG Springvale Bulky Creamsicle and Mimosa, 3. 3IG Adorn Sock Aiden, 4. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Cosmo, 5. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Ice Blue Raspberry, 6. 3IG Springvale DK Gatsby, 7. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Mojito, 8. 3IG Roslea Organic Oberon (2), 9. 3IG Lindon Merino Estuary, 10. 3IG Pansies, 11. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Passion Punch, 12. 3IG Lindon Merino Brown Fantabulosity, 13. 3IG Springvale Super Merion Father Time, 14. 3IG McClellan DK Delphinium (2), 15. 3IG MDSW haul 2010 (2), 16. 3IG Springvale Bulky Mary Bailey (1), 17. 3IG Carys BFL Sock Winter Quince Blossom (2), 18. 3IG McClellan DK Hydrangea, 19. 3IG McClellan Lilacs, 20. 3IG McClellan Moutain Cathedrals, 21. 3IG Carys BFL Mountain Cathedrals (1), 22. Frolic and Waterlillies (2), 23. 3IG McClellan Alpine Spruce, 24. 3IG Galenas Sheepnuts (4), 25. 3IG Roslea Organic Curagao, 26. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Irish Sea and Purple, 27. 3IG Galenas Merino Macbeth and Narcissa, 28. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Father Time, 29. 3IG Springvale Bulky Seacoast (2), 30. 3IG Felicity Mirth, 31. 3IG Glenhaven Cashmerino Passionfruit, 32. 3IG Wexford Merino Silk Roving Madigan, 33. 3IG Roslea Organic Rainbow Bright (2), 34. 3IG Corpus Christi Beach and Texas Sky (1), 35. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Fiona and Crimson, 36. 3IG Carys BFL Georgia Peach (1)

3ig yarns starting w/ 3/6/10
1. 3IG Adorn Seacoast, 2. 3IG Beckon Arboretum, 3. 3IG Adorn Maeve, 4. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Toffee, 5. 3IG Adorn Sock Alchemy, 6. 3IG McClellan Alpine Spruce, 7. 3IG Kells Sport Bells of Ireland (2), 8. 3IG Deliciousness Maple Vanilla (2), 9. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Estuary, 10. 3IG Wexford and Beckon Tierney, 11. 3IG Adorn Sock Masquerade, 12. 3IG Springvale Bulky Skipping Stones, 13. Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino Arboretum (2), 14. Yarn Love Charlotte Bronte Worsted Blackberry Jam, 15. 3IG Glenhaven CashMerino Worsted Passionfruit, 16. waterlillies[1], 17. 3IG Glenhaven Cashmerino Key Lime, 18. 3IG Carys BFL and McClellan Roisin, 19. Yarn Love Charlotte Bronte Worsted Nutmeg, 20. 3IG Wexford Merino Silk Beautiful Morning, 21. 3IG Springvale DK Mulberry, 22. 3IG Wexford and Beckon Teague, 23. Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennet Fairy Tale, 24. 3IG Wexford Merino Silk Just a Girl (1), 25. 3IG McClellan Kate, 26. 3IG Deliciousness Ginger Honey, 27. 3IG Springvale Super Merino Jack, 28. Stash Menagerie March 2009, 29. 3IG Carys BFL Pewter Amethyst, 30. 3IG Carys BFL Smoky Quartz, 31. 3IG Springvale Halcyon (3), 32. 3IG Carys BFL Sock Jack Frost (3), 33. 3IG Wexford and Beckon Gwendolyn, 34. 3IG Springvale Benevolent (3), 35. Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennet Pineapple Upside Down Cake, 36. 3IG Petit Fours (2)



  1. Holy cow! I think it’s safe to say you’ve got a 3IG addiction. Though it looks like a good addiction to have. 😉

    • The scary part may be that my entire 3IG stash is not included there. 🙂 I didn’t want to do more than 2 mosaics, and I was limited to 36 pictures in each!

  2. wow…. wow…wow

    I was thinking I needed to try some of that… but I finally have mine leaving for college.

  3. Ha! The twins thing may actually be my fault as I do have 6 year old twins….but the general pregnancy thing I think is Sharon. She sends me yarn after all…..and I’m pregnant.

  4. Now we know exactly why you said your yarn stash has exceeded your life expectancy. Beautiful stuff!

  5. […] a year ago, I wrote a post on my old blog about how Three Irish Girls yarn was full of infallible baby dust…based solely on the empirical evidence of the number of 3IGers who were […]


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