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World Wide Knit/Crochet in Public Day – 2010

As soon as I found the first mention of World Wide Knit/Crochet in Public (WWKCIP) Day, I started looking for a local gathering.  WWKCIP Day is actually now a week (June 12-20 this year) so that groups around the world can pick the day that works best for them.  I found a couple local gatherings, but neither would work–one was on Monday in DC (yeah, I’m not making it into DC on a Monday evening) and another was on Father’s Day.  Then I found the perfect gathering:  June 12, 10am-2pm, in Fairfax, Virginia.  So I spent the night before picking the perfect projects to knit in public.

I’d yet to travel to Fairfax, but it was a nice drive, especially since I could avoid the highway (from the sound of the traffic reports, I-95 was doing it’s best imitation of a parking lot).  I wasn’t quite sure where I was going, other than that the knitters would be gathering in the Kitty Pozer Garden.  My trusty GPS got me to the address, and I immediately saw a garden next to a parking lot…and in the garden was a small group of knitters.

It didn’t stay small for long.

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (1)

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (2)

And I took these pictures fairly early in the gathering–many more knitters and crocheters joined us during the day. I’d guess attendance was at about 45-50. We certainly turned some heads; although no non-knitters came up to ask us what was going on, we did get a lot of stares and were the subject of one photo shoot from across the street (those of us who noticed were quite amused).

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (3)

When I arrived, I set up to these ladies, Jane (on the left) and Julie.  (Jane’s a knitter, by the way. 😉 )  I spent most of my time chatting with Jane and Julie, and then Jean, who sat down on the other side of me.  We laughed a bit about the odds of having a Jane-Jen-Jean line-up, and then when you added Julie, Joan who was nearby, and Jeanne who came a bit later and sat on our side, we had a strong J presence.

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (4)

Angelica, who leads the knitting group Knit Together Fairfax, was the host for this gathering. In addition to arranging for the use of the Kitty Pozer Garden, she got out all the info that attendees would need and got sponsorship from various LYSs who provided some really neat gift bags. I think the one she’s showing off here was from Uniquities in Vienna; other sponsors were fibre space in Alexandria, Old Town Needlecraft in Manassas, Natures Yarn in Fairfax, and With Yarn in Front in Centreville. (I’ve got some more LYSs I need to check out.)

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (8)

The empty green chair here is mine; that’s Jean just to the left of it.  Behind her you see a man and woman sitting together; I got a chance to chat with this knitting husband and wife duo.  They came over to tell me they admired my stash, which they’d seen in a post on Ravelry.  Kurt was the original knitter of the pair, starting in February; his wife Marion decided it looked like fun and joined him a few months later.  Marion mentioned they’ve got a lot of friends having babies, and we laughed together about how great baby projects are for learning new techniques quickly…and how great non-knitting friends are to give gifts too, because they’re usually so impressed by even our beginning efforts.

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (7)

And I didn’t just talk–I knit too!  I was right about the baby blanket being the perfect pattern for this.  It has enough visual interest that it was a good topic of conversation, but it’s also a pattern simple enough to knit away on while chatting–it’s all garter stitch so I didn’t even need to look at my knitting for the most part.  And my color choices received enthusiastic approval, which certainly makes me happy!

All in all, I had an awesome time today, and I hope all my fellow knitters/crocheters did too.  I think it’s safe to say they did.

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (5)

WWKIP Day 2010 - Fairfax (6)

Looking forward to next year!



  1. And you did an awesome job representing Nascar fans!

  2. Thanks, Jen 🙂 Wasn’t expected to be featured in your blog (gah!). It was fun knitting in the park and the weather was very cooperative. I’m already looking forward to next year’s.

    • Um…that’s what you get for saying nice things about my stash? 🙂


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