Posted by: jinniver | June 11, 2010

What to knit, what to knit

Yes, I know I have quite a few WIPs.  And almost 100 projects in my queue.  But I have to figure out what I’m going to knit tomorrow:  World Wide Knit in Public Day!  (Although, it’s actually World Wide Knit/Crochet in Public Week these days…but I’m a knitter and only doing it for one day.)

I’ll be attending the WWKCIP gathering in Fairfax, Virginia.  I haven’t done a large WWKCIP gathering yet, so I’m really looking forward to this one.  And I’m hoping it happens–it’s an outdoor gathering and the forecast isn’t looking real encouraging.  The heat I can deal with, but I hope the thunderstorms hold off until at least 2 pm!

So…what to knit?  It’s going to be hot, almost 90 deg.  We might be drenched by a rogue thunderstorm (I’m not sure if there’s any provision for rain…so I need to find my umbrella).  I’m thinking feltable wool might not be the way to go, so my Snuggly Hat is out.  When Babies Bloom II looks like a good option, because it’s a wool/silk DK blend, so cool to work with, but I’m almost at the point where I’m going to need to try it on Lexie, and she’s not going to be there.  There’s Jeffrey’s poor, neglected Jack in the Box, but I’ve been rethinking that project…especially since Lexie took a pair of scissors to some of the yarn.  My finished knitting was undamaged, but she cut a significant portion of one skein into pieces too small to salvage.  So I’m not sure I’ve got enough yarn to finish, and since I started it so long ago, I’m not sure what I knit will fit (and since the pattern is bottom up, modifying mid-knit isn’t as easy).

And sadly, I’ve only got 2 other projects on the needle right now (Lexie’s curtains and a design project), neither of which are really conducive to knitting in a large group.  And this, people, is why you should always have lots of WIPs at once, so you can switch them around to match any eventuality!

I had to turn to my queue for some inspiration.  I’ve been meaning to cast on for the baby blanket for my cousin’s future son (similar to the one I made my future nephew, only with 8 colors instead of 4).  I’m knitting that with Spud & Chloe sweater, which is a superwash wool/cotton blend, so it’ll work with the forecast…and a garter stitch project is ideal for knitting with people and chatting.

Spud and Chloe Sweater FirecrackerSpud and Chloe Sweater ChipmunkSpud and Chloe Sweater TurtleSpud and Chloe Sweater Lake
Spud and Chloe Sweater FireflySpud and Chloe Sweater ToastSpud and Chloe Sweater GrassSpud and Chloe Sweater Splash

I’ve also been dying to cast on for a Mossy Jacket for my nephew–I had some great Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino in Arboretum (the colors are a lot softer on Lindon) that I was stymied by, but once I saw that pattern I knew it would be a perfect match and got Sharon to custom dye me some yarn in the brown.

Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino Arboretum (2)3IG Lindon Merino Brown Fantabulosity

Of course, my tendency towards startitis had me continuing down my queue, saying, “Oh, that one could work…oh, but I’ve been really wanting to cast that one on…” but I think those 2 are sufficient.  So, if you’re in the area, come on by to knit and crochet with us (and ogle my yarn, if you want!).  I’ll be the one in the Brad Keselowski hat and t-shirt (gotta represent for the NASCAR knitters!) with my Ravelry pin and fibre space, Ravelry, and The Yarn Spot bags!

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  1. Oh have fun! Props for the NASCAR attire. I knew there was a reason for more wip’s. I’m down to 4, because I have admitted the rest are sliding into ufo’s and I don’t feel like working on them. I’m going to the red bull air races at Liberty state park today – although it looks awfully cloudy. I’ve got bleacher seats – so since I’ve just turned the heel on a pair of socks and the wedge pattern is already memorized from sock #1 – and it will fit in my purse, socks it is for me today!


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