Posted by: jinniver | April 26, 2010

Purchase a pattern to help a puppy

When I first saw the pattern, it was in a tweet from my friend Mary-Heather.  “Cute new baby cardi!” she said, with a link to a pattern on Ravelry.  I think my last few posts have made it obvious that anything baby is going to catch my eye, so I clicked over.

And it was really cute.  The basic cardigan was nice and simple, but the part that makes you say, “Awwwww!” was the little intarsia wiener dog that wrapped around the bottom of the hem–with the head on one front side and the tail on the other.  My first thought was, “Jean needs to see this!”  My friend Jean has an adorable little dachshund of her own, Penny, and I knew she’d love this sweater.  So I directed a tweet at her about the sweater

A few hours later, I saw some tweets from Jean, but not ones about the sweater.  Her first said, “Ravelry friends: help a wiener dog out.”  Naturally, I clicked on the link before reading the next tweet…

…and was surprised to find myself on the same pattern page.

I clicked back to Twitter and read Jean’s second tweet, which explained that proceeds from the pattern were being used to pay for surgery for a puppy who’d had a serious leg break. I flipped back to the pattern page but didn’t see anything about a puppy, so I clicked through to the link to the designer’s blog–and found the full story.

The designer’s little puppy, while shopping with her puppy sitter, suddenly jumped out of the shopping cart she’d been sitting in, and broke her leg.  The break involved the growth plate, which made the injury very serious…and the surgery to fix it very expensive.  So, while her puppy Crush was waiting for surgery, the designer had whipped up a pattern to help pay for Crush’s care.

I’d already decided I was buying a copy–after all, the pattern was adorable, and since it’s sized for 6 months to 6 years, incredibly useful for only $6…even if it wasn’t to help a little puppy.  But then I realized the blog I was on looked familiar.  I paged back up, saw the title Flint Knits, and immediately knew who this puppy belonged to.

Pamela Wynne.  Designer of the massively popular (and free) February Lady Sweater pattern.

So, I have a suggestion.

If you’re a dog lover…
if you support dog lovers…
if you’ve knit a February Lady Sweater…
or if you’d just like to help out a pattern designer who has given of her own time and imagination for free…

…please consider helping Pam and Crush out. Or just buy the pattern because it will be adorable for the babies and small children in your life!


More people are giving to help Pam and Crush. Shepherd Susie of Juniper Moon Farm is offering a giveaway in their 2011 CSA–visit the blog for more information!



  1. Crap. I’m missing tweets, ’cause I never saw your original one! Glad we got on the same page, and I’m hoping we can get some funds to this poor little pup!!

  2. Thanks so much for the support, Sarah — it means a lot! xo, Pam


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