Posted by: jinniver | April 23, 2010

Late night knitting

It’s after 1:30 am, and I should be in bed.

Instead, I’m knitting.  I’m working on a Handspun Pinafore for my niece, and I’m loving it.  One of my fellow Three Irish Girls fans posted a picture of one that she’d knit, and I knew immediately that I needed to knit one each for my niece and daughter. And for my niece, I needed to copy the colorways that my fellow 3IGer had used, because the reds, oranges, and yellows of Fiona would be gorgeous on my golden-brown haired niece.

But this story isn’t about the pinafore, it’s about late night knitting. I took a break from my knitting to check out any new posts on Ravelry, and found one from someone trying to figure out a math mistake that either she or the designer had made. I’m not bad at math, so I thought I’d hop over and see if I could help. Turns out she was knitting an Eyelet Yoke Cardigan, which is a pattern I’m quite familiar with.

Turns out it was just a matter of a slight misread in the pattern. Several of us posted at the same time with help, and one of the other responders joked about the dangers of late night knitting–she’d noticed that the original poster was also from the DC area, so she knew they were in the same time zone.

Also? So it turned out that 3 of the 4 posters in that thread–including me–are all from the DC area…and all up late knitting…and we “met” through a worldwide website. Apparently DC area knitters share the tendency to stay up too late knitting…and make mistakes reading patterns. Guess that means it’s time to go to bed!



  1. pretty cool this whole www thing!

  2. I think it means time for a knitting get together!!!


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