Posted by: jinniver | March 20, 2010

Babies on the Brain

I haz it.

Not that I would ever say that to Steve.  He’d turn pale and start making plans for permanent medical procedures to foil me…which is entirely unnecessary.  Don’t get me wrong–babies are still one of the most awesome things ever.  It’s just that I’m comfortable with having reached the stage where any baby I snuggle from now on is one I’ll be able to hand back to the parents when I’m ready.

No, the babies I’m obsessing about right now are the future son of my brother and sister-in-law (whom I’ve mentioned) and future child (gender unknown) of my “baby” cousin and cousin-in-law.  Of course, my cousin Allison isn’t exactly a baby anymore, and is even a fellow military wife, but it still took some doing to get used to the idea that she’s going to be a mom soon.  In fact, she’ll be a mom right about the same time she and Paolo celebrate their first anniversary; they decided that they wanted to get started on adding to the family early, especially as Paolo has already done one tour in Iraq and they have no idea when there might be another.

I won’t get to see as much of my nephew as I would like due to distance–but we’re a lot closer than when my two kids and my niece were babies, so I’ll have to be happy with what I get.  My cousin lives much closer, so I should be able to get more time with my baby second cousin…if Allison lets me, that is.  She was a little irritated with me for moving to Texas just after finally having a baby…

Guess I’ll have to try bribing her with knitwear.

Shouldn’t be too hard, since that seems to be all I want to knit right now.  In fact, I just started another beautiful Simple Things with one of the many skeins of fingering weight yarn I’d stocked up recently. I adore the yarn, a wool/bamboo blend from Three Irish Girls in a gorgeous variegated green, and it’s knitting up so nicely…

Climb Every Mountain (1)

So why is it sitting forlorn and ignored on the table next to me?

Well…because I’m working on this:

Log Cabin for my Nephew (1)

Apparently, the teddy bear and hat weren’t enough to get it out of my system. I’m knitting my nephew a baby blanket. And as soon as I know the gender of my cousin’s baby and can pick out colors, I’ll be knitting her one too.  I’m not following an exact pattern; I’m using the Easy 4 Color Log Cabin Blanket just for the color sequences. Rather than using doubled fingering weight yarn, I chose a worsted weight yarn (Spud & Chloe Sweater, which is soft, warm, and has a bit of weight without being too heavy, and more importantly can be machine washed and dried), I changed the size of the middle block, and I’m knitting the first several “logs” to be the same width as the center block. I’m aiming for a larger blanket than called for in the pattern (22″ x 24″) and have twice as much yarn to work with.  Once I don’t have enough yarn of a color to knit a full width block, I’ll add some half-width blocks as borders to maximize my yarn.  Maybe once this is done I can get back to non-baby knitting.

But I’m not getting my hopes up.



  1. you almost gave me a freakin heart attack!!

  2. Love both your projects. That afghan is going to look beautiful!

  3. I’m definitely at the age where any baby I cuddle will go home with someone else. I think i’m finally over the “I want one” stage. My brain likes to settle with some good knitting and a book on the mp3 player after dinner.

  4. Well, I’m quite happy that you have baby knitting on the brain! Lucky little guy!


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