Posted by: jinniver | February 26, 2010

And the gold medal goes to…

…me.  Again.  Twice this time:

Single Skein Speed Skate 2010Hat Half-Pipe 2010 (1)

The project may look awfully familiar…

Olympics Sheepnuts Cloche (7)

Olympics Sheepnuts Cloche (6)

Project: Sheepnuts Olympics Cloche
Pattern: The Not-Just-For-Chemo Reversible Cloche
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Galenas Merino in Sheepn…, 121 yds
Needles: US9 32″ KnitPicks Options circs (via magic loop)
Gold medal earned for Team Sheepnuts

Yep…it’s the exact same pattern as my last hat.

That was not the original plan.  Originally, I’d planned to knit the same pattern as I’d used in the first Ravelympics, the Stirling Cloche…only this time, I wasn’t going to knit the longer brim to have a roll brim hat. But I just loved the Not-Just-For-Chemo Reversible Cloche so much I really wanted to knit it again. Plus, it occurred to me that the Stirling Cloche required me to double the yarn. I had 2 skeins to knit the hat with, so that wouldn’t have been a problem…but if I didn’t double the yarn, I’d have enough with the hat left overs plus the extra skein to knit matching mittens.

So, when it became clear that the My So Called Scarf I was knitting as my 2nd Ravelympics project wasn’t going to happen in time (despite originally cast on February 17–long story that now involves 2 froggings; I tell you later when it’s less painful), I happily cast on for another Not-Just-For-Chemo Reversible Cloche. I ran into the same problem on the brim with one of the rows that I’d had the first time, but this time I knew to just pull out the crochet hook and fix the stitches in question instead of tinking back and reknitting (twice). Two days later, and I had a medal winning finished project.

Steve’s opinion remained the same; we were both laughing by the time he managed as his most positive comment, “I liked the color on the other one better.”  Jeffrey, however, has seen the light, enthusiastically declaring that he liked both the color and the shape (although he did then get a confused look and ask, “Is that the same shape as the last one?”).

I expect this will be my last medal for this Ravelympics–I’m refusing to give up the scarf, but I don’t think I can finish it in time.  But 3 medals aren’t anything to sneeze at (and it could have been 4; the last hat was also eligible for the Single Skein Speed Skate, but I didn’t read all the categories closely enough and didn’t enter it in time), so I’m happy with that.  I’ll keep knitting, though not as frantically, and enjoy cheering my teammates across the finish line.



  1. The hat is beautiful! 🙂 Congratulations on the finish.

  2. Congrats!

  3. Those are so cute!


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