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Scarves and buttons and jumpers, oh my!

It took just another 2 days to knit Lexie her own scarf.

Yarrrr (5)

Did she like it? Well, to give you an idea of just how much she liked it, when I announced that her scarf was finished she came flying into the room. “On, Mommy!” she insisted, motioning around her neck. I put the scarf on her, and she pulled open the drawer of the side table next to me where she knew the camera was kept. Then she handed me the camera: “Take a picture of Lexie!” I took several pictures, and then she began pointing at my laptop screen. “Picture! Lexie picture!” Only once the picture of her in her new scarf was on my computer was she satisfied.

Now, that’s the finished item, but my favorite picture is one I took of her wearing the scarf before the eyes were added. Since the colorway of the main yarn is called Yo Ho Ho!, I named the project Yarrrr! Apparently, Lexie was giving me her best pirate face:

Yarrrr (1)

A package arrived today, addressed to me (much to Steve’s disgust, as he is still awaiting the second attempt to ship some of his Christmas gifts). At first I couldn’t imagine what had been shipped, but as soon as I saw the return address I knew: it was my goodies from Wooden Treasures. I’d stopped by my favorite etsy store for wooden buttons a few days ago just to grab the URL for someone on Ravelry who’d asked for button store suggestions…and saw a notice that he was having a going out of business sale.

Now, I’m in the middle of a Stashdown KAL (knit-a-long) where we get points for using yarn, notions, and patterns (for the first time) but lose points for buying any of the above. After some debate it was decided that “notions” included buttons, which I think makes sense. If I use buttons from the collection I have, I’ve reduced my stash. If I buy some to stock up, I’ve added to my stash. And if I buy buttons just to use on a finished project, the points (for buying and using) cancel themselves out, so no harm done. But there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to stock up on my favorite wood buttons, especially if they weren’t going to be available much longer, especially if they were on sale. So I purchased 6 sets of buttons (it was “buy 2, get 1 free” for sets) and dropped a line to the owner of Wooden Treasures to tell him how I sorry I was to see him go and how much I loved his buttons.

Happily, he replied with thanks and to tell me he wasn’t going out of business–the note on his store that I’d misread said it was a going out for business sale; in other words, a sale to thank customers and get more business. He wasn’t going anywhere. Much relief on my end…but I wasn’t at all sorry I’d bought the buttons. And with good reason:

wooden buttons Jan 10

I picked up a nice variety of buttons in different sizes, woods, and shapes. I got oak with the bark still on (upper left), large oval cedar (upper right), square cedar (middle left), medium oak with bark (middle right), large North Carolina cherry with bark (lower left), and square zebrawood (lower right). I really can’t pick a favorite–I love them all for different reasons: the colors, the smells (the cedar buttons smell awesome), the exotic/rustic/sophisticated looks. Each set contains 10 buttons except for the large oval cedar, which is a set of 8, which means that since most will go on either children’s wear or swing cardigans for me that button only at the top, I’ll be able to outfit several knit items with my new wooden buttons.

The first project that will get some of these buttons is Lexie’s jumper–I’m planning to use 5 of the small oak buttons. So I had the jumper sitting next to me while Lexie modeled her new scarf. As soon as we were done, she picked up the jumper and put it on…backwards. I was about to try and correct her when she looked down and smoothed the jumper with a smile, then looked up at said, “Look, I’m a princess! Mommy, take a picture of Princess Lexie!”

Misty Seacoast (3)

As you wish, Your Highness.



  1. Princess Lexie is just too cute!

  2. I see those snowman jammies are a multi-purpose accessory that go with numerous outfits… scarves… jumpers…. 🙂 Way to multipurpose, Lexie!


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