Posted by: jinniver | January 14, 2010

When scarves attack!

As quickly as was polite to Lexie’s cast off but unfinished (needs buttons) jumper, I hurried downstairs and dug out some fingering weight yarn from storage.  I had 3 skeins that I’d purchased from Artsygal some time ago that I liked, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with any of them.

yarn 008_editedyarn 006_editedArtsygal Bamboo Merino Sock Planet Earth (3)

The one of the left, named Neptune, is probably my favorite because of the colors and the nautical name (Neptune), but the middle one has the best name: Yo Ho Ho! I offered Jeffrey his choice of the three yarns for his Don’t Be Mouthy scarf. He went for Neptune.

Originally, I’d named the project Mom Said Your Face Would Freeze Like That, but because of the predominantly green color of the yarn, Jeffrey started referring to it as his lizard scarf. So I renamed it Lizard Tongue, cast on, and began knitting away. The pattern is written to be knit with either bulky weight yarn or any combo of thinner yarns, so it was knitting up pretty quickly. In fact, I had almost enough done to wrap the body around Jeffrey’s neck in several hours.

Unfortunately, when I tried it on him, I verified a suspicion I’d had since just a couple rows in: the fabric was too stiff. So I decided to frog and go up 2 needle sizes. I also cast on fewer stitches to get a slightly narrower scarf. It knit up just as quickly as it had the first time, and soon I was shifting over to the bright red yarn for a long tongue. I finished up at 2:30 this morning…yeah, I was on a roll.

Lizard Tongue

I was childishly amused by how…um…rude…the scarf looked when posed on its own. It looked much better on Jeffrey.

Lizard Tongue (2)

I’d already promised Jeffrey that he could pick out the buttons for the eyes–I’ve got a jar of buttons that I’d collected over the years. So this morning–after I’d gotten a little bit of sleep, of course–I upended the button jar on the kitchen table and Jeffrey and Lexie and I started digging through them.

Originally, I’d planned to do something similar to the scarf shown on the pattern, with colored buttons on top of large white ones. But while I was pulling the white buttons out of the pile, Jeffrey’s eyes lit on some large red ones. It was love at first sight. In fact, he loved them so much that 2 were just not enough. His scarf needed three eyes. I suggested pairing the buttons with small black ones for pupils, and Jeffrey agreed and picked them out.

Monster Tongue (1)

I couldn’t help but smile once I had the eyes in place…but it just didn’t look like a lizard any more. Jeffrey loved it; he was getting a kick out of sneaking up on it, pretending that it hissed at him, and running away. I made a comment about his “monster scarf”–and it clicked. Clearly, we had a monster here.

Fortunately, Jeffrey’s Monster Tongue scarf is friendly!

Monster Tongue (2)



  1. Awesome!

    And welcome back to blogging–we missed you!

  2. This is obviously a fierce monster that Jeffrey has subdued — made a servant, if you will — and has forced to spend eternity keeping his neck warm and toasty.

    All hail Jeffrey!!!

  3. Too cool! I want to make a purple one – then I could have a purple people eater!


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