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2009 – A Knitting Year in Review (Part 2)

Ok, so now we know how my plans went…or didn’t.  What else was I up to this year?

What I’ve done…

Holy cow…I completed 43 items in 2009. Now, I didn’t completely knit all of them during 2009, and some of them were pretty small…but 43 items is a lot more than I realized:

2009 FOs

1. 3IG Minature Knitting Ornament (2), 2. Feb Lady Can’t Say No (5), 3. Lucky Birthday pouch (2), 4. Beat Army hat, 5. Birthday Squash, 6. broccoli (7), 7. Christmas Spices Cardigan (7), 8. Doo-Da-Dah shawl in blue (4), 9. Willard’s cardigan (3), 10. Heirloom baby bonnet, 11. Colder than He Thought (2), 12. Jeffrey’s Funky Mittens (1), 13. 3IG log cabin blocks (3), 14. Mom’s friend’s mittens (1), 15. Winter Waves on the Seacoast (14), 16. Kyle Busch Knitting Bag Ornament, 17. Northern Lights Shrug (4), 18. Not for Christmas Hat 2 (2), 19. Not for Christmas hat (1), 20. organic spa cloth, 21. Lexie’s Funky Mittens (1), 22. Go Navy hat, 23. Blanket square for Ohm, 24. Skipping Stones (21), 25. Rhinebeck or Bust (1), 26. Smell the Roses (4), 27. SWO baby Uggs 2, 28. Windy Days Lace Hat (1), 29. 3IG WIP pins (7), 30. all carrots

That’s not everything, of course, but I had some duplicate items or small things not worth showing (like 2 identical baby sweaters, 5 of those carrots, and an unadorned diaper cover).  I’m really happy with a lot of the things I did last year.

  • The sweaters:  Not only did I knit Jeffrey’s first sweater, I knit one for me. It was my first adult sweater, my first top down raglan, and my first seamless knit. I made a few mistakes, but it gave me the confidence to knit coordinating sweaters for him and Lexie using just a recipe…and I even figured out the hoods that I added all on my own.

Winter Waves and Skipping Stones (4)

  • The mittens:  The funky mittens I knit for Lexie and Jeffrey were only partially done with a pattern.  I’d picked up some crazy yarn at Rhinebeck that I really wanted to use for the cuff, but that required figuring out how many stitches to cast on, what needle size to use…and most importantly, how to get from the very few cuff stitches to the required number for the rest of the mitten, knit in regular worsted weight yarn.  I had to turn every stitch into at least 2 stitches, sometimes 3.  But it was more than worth it, because the kids adore their mittens, and this year they actually got to wear them to play in the snow!

Snowfall 122009 (15)Snowfall 122009 (5)

  • The Navy hats:  The hats themselves were pretty simple.  I chose different patterns since Steve preferred a ribbed bottom while I like roll brim hats.  I made my own decisions about where the additional color would come in, but what I really loved was the duplicate stitch detail: a block “N” on Steve’s hat, and a more ornate “Navy” on mine.  I’d never done duplicate stitch before, and I think both turned out really well.  Steve loved his hat, that’s for sure…and we both loved that fact that we wore them to the 2009 Army/Navy game to see our first Navy victory in person!

Go Navy hatBeat Army hat

  • My designs: I added 7 original designs this year.  I designed a lace hat because I wanted something lightweight to hold my hair down in the constant Texas wind.  My Work In Progress (WIP) Pins were inspired by ones I’d seen on etsy, and I’ve since knit several to give away to friends as well as some to sell to support the NASCAR Knitter’s Victory Junction Gang Afghan Project.  When I couldn’t find a quick, lacy poncho in worsted weight yarn to knit up for my Rhinebeck trip, I designed one myself…and then added a hat and set of wristers with the yarn I had left (and let me tell you–I was glad I had them this year!).  Probably my most popular designs this year were my carrots and broccoli, which came from my sister-in-law’s question: “Can you knit food?”  My niece was quite happy with her knit veggies this Christmas, and immediately started feeding them to her doll.

WIP pins

What’s left…

Not all of my projects started in 2009 were finished, of course–I’m still living up to my blog’s name and I like it that way!  I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have…9? I think…WIPs on the needle right now.  Of what I started in 2009, I have a pair of socks from a club I joined, a charity blanket I need to finish and send back to Texas, a top for me, a pair of mittens to match my Navy hat, sweaters for Jeffrey and Lexie, a pair of mittens I’m test knitting (but need to adjust the pattern for my hand length), a jumper for Lexie, and several WIP pins–yes, I get the irony–that I’d started for a Three Irish Girls meet up but didn’t get finished in time.

Not all of them are on my high priority list to finish this year–the socks are on the “whenever” list, the pins aren’t relevant until we’ve got another meet up scheduled, I’m not sure about the top, and I don’t really need my Navy mittens until next year (I’ve got gloves).  But some have moved to the top of the 2010 list…stay tuned for the rest of it!



  1. 43 items! You rock! Everything looks gorgeous. 🙂


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