Posted by: jinniver | January 1, 2010

2009 – A Knitting Year in Review (Part 1)

7 unfinished drafts.  Proof that I never actually abandoned my blog…but also indicative of the state of some of my knitting.  Lots of good intentions, lots of started projects…not as much to show for it as I’d like.

A year ago, I posted my New Years’ Plans, since I don’t do well with resolutions. And the plans went pretty well, as far as they went…

1. Knit Jeffrey a sweater. This journey took longer than anticipated, culminating in the search for the perfect button, but I was really thrilled with the result. Even better, it was just the first sweater I knit Jeffrey. The second was even more of an accomplishment, for a couple reasons. First, I knit it using more of a recipe for a top down raglan sweater than a pattern; I input gauge and Jeffrey’s measurements and figured out how many stitches from there. Second, I made a modification I’m really proud of: I added a hood of my own design, having never knit a hood before…and then figured out how to kitchner it closed on top to avoid a seam. The result was Jeffrey’s Winter Waves on the Seacoast, which has already seen a lot of wear this fall and winter.

Winter Waves on the Seacoast  (13)

2. Spend less time reading about knitting and more time actually knitting. Yeah…not so much as I was hoping for. And I’ve got no excuse for it, although taking on more responsibilities on Ravelry was not going to help. Still, I wasted a lot of time surfing around that could have been spent knitting. I’ve currently got 11 projects on the needle, and a lot more that I wanted to have started on by now. I need to work on this quite a bit more.

3. Finish some long term WIPs. Of the 4 WIPs I listed only 1, the Northern Lights Shrug was actually finished. But setting myself a deadline and really forcing myself to focus on those projects helped me make some hard decisions: both my Sunny Summer Sky t-shirt and my Zombielle Socks needed to be frogged. That just leaves my Branching Out into Lace scarf…which I’ve accepted will be finished when it’s finished. I just have lots of things I’d rather be knitting right now.

4. Pull out that charity knitting. This needs a restart; as part of our winnowing down belongings for the move from Texas, I donated all of the yarn I use for this project.

5. Remember the other fiber arts. I did finish the 4 Hawaiian shirts I promised Steve for his birthday, including a matching shirt and romper for Jeffrey and Lexie in one instance. However, I still owe him 2 shirts for his anniversary, and I can’t find the binding I already prepped for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding quilt. They celebrated their 5 year anniversary this year; I need to get this done.

As for the rest of 2009, and plans for 2010?  Stay tuned.



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