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My “cure” lasted all of two days.

Back when I first mentioned Skipping Stones Across a Winter Lake, I commented as an aside:

(The funny part is that I didn’t even order Skipping Stones…but that’s another story–one that will involve Jeffrey finally getting a cardigan from Mom.)

This is that story.

When the September colorways for the Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie club were previewed, I decided that bulky weight yarn would make a perfect cardigan for one of my children…and most of my knitting plans recently revolved around Lexie so it was clearly Jeffrey’s turn.  I thought the grays with the tints of blue in Skipping Stones were quite pretty, but while they’d have gone great with Lexie’s blue eyes, they really wouldn’t have done as much for Jeffrey.  But the browns and tans of Seacoast, the variegated option, would really bring out Jeffrey’s blond hair and green eyes.  So, I ordered 7 skeins (700 yards) of Seacoast.

But when the box arrived, I opened it to discover approximately 750 yards of this:

3IG Springvale Bulky Skipping Stones

Clearly, that wasn’t Seacoast.  But Skipping Stones turned out to be even prettier in person–sending it back was never a consideration.  Ever.

Instead, I wound the larger 3 skeins (some of the put-ups were twice the size of normal, while others were a bit short, so Sharon had given me a combination that more than covered the 700 yds I’d ordered) immediately and cast on for Jeffrey’s cardigan.

Then it occurred to me:  I didn’t want to send the Skipping Stones back…but maybe Sharon had some more of the Springvale Bulky base (which was so amazingly soft it has to be touched to be believed)…and maybe, since I had ordered the Seacoast originally…she’d be willing to let me place another order before the September colorways were released to club members.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So, I emailed Sharon, explained what happened, and asked if I could place an order for Seacoast.  Sharon’s response was immediate and apologetic, offering to immediately dye up some Seacoast and send it with an postage paid label so I wouldn’t have to pay to return the Skipping Stones.

No, I said, I really wanted to keep the Skipping Stones.  Besides, I’d already started knitting it!  It wasn’t returnable (and boy, was I glad to be able to trot out that excuse).

Was I sure? Sharon asked.  Really, really sure?  She was willing to take it back even if I’d wound and started knitting it.  I got the sense she was concerned I was only keeping the yarn out of a sense of obligation…but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I really loved the color, and ever since I’d first laid eyes on it I’d been kicking myself for not ordering both colorways from the start so I’d have Skipping Stones for Lexie.

To my delight, I was able to convince Sharon that I really, really, really wanted to keep the Skipping Stones and order more yarn in Seacoast.  She quickly sent me an invoice and promised to dye the yarn right up and send it as soon as it was dry–just more of the outstanding customer service from Three Irish Girls.  At that point, I ripped out the knitting I’d already done for Jeffrey, cast on for Lexie, and the rest was history.

Skipping Stones (17)

Only 2 days after finishing the zipper on Lexie’s cardigan, I found a box on my front porch.  Inside, was this:

3IG Springvale Bulky Seacoast (2)

3IG Springvale Bulky Seacoast (4)

3IG Springvale Bulky Seacoast (1)

As with the Skipping Stones, the Seacoast is even prettier in person. I know my pictures didn’t capture the variations in shading and speckled look of the colors that invokes the feel of icy winter waves rising and falling on the sun-dappled sands. As with Skipping Stones, I had to wind the yarn right away–and if you’ll excuse me, I have a sweater for my son to cast on.



  1. That new yarn is beautiful – can’t wait to see jeffrey’s sweater.

  2. What beautiful colors, in both yarns. And great customer service too.

    • Those are my two favorite things about Three Irish Girls. 🙂 Special orders from her take a while, but it’s so worth the wait for the colors and service.


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