Posted by: jinniver | October 3, 2009

Now I know how Atalanta felt

It would appear I have my very own Hippomenes, only she goes by Sharon. And instead of golden apples, she throws soft, beautiful yarn in my path.

In mid-September, I started a cardigan for Jeffrey, Jack in the Box. It’s been a while since I’ve knit anything–or planned to knit anything–for him, and I was feeling a bit guilty for neglecting him. I’ve been enjoying the project and making good progress, the pattern (Drive-Thru) is straight-forward, and the yarn is just a lot of fun:

3IG Springvale Super Merino Jack

I hadn’t been sure about the orange and yellow in there at first–I fell in love with the greens and brown–but the yarn wouldn’t be what it is without those unexpected colors.  In other words , I liked the project, the recipient, the yarn, and the pattern…so can someone tell me why my recent knitting progress can be documented thusly?

September 29:

SkippingStones (1)

October 2:

Skipping Stones (2)

October 3:

Skipping Stones (5)

Clearly, that’s not Jack in the Box. That’s also not Jeffrey.

And it’s all the fault of Hipp–er, Sharon, and her “golden apple”…

3IG Springvale Bulky Skipping Stones

…also known as Springvale Bulky in Skipping Stones, the September semisolid option for the Stash Menagerie club.

(The funny part is that I didn’t even order Skipping Stones…but that’s another story–one that will involve Jeffrey finally getting a cardigan from Mom.)

All that’s left to do on Lexie’s Skipping Stones Across a Winter Lake is to knit the band along the front of the cardigan and hood. I’ve already picked up all 157 stitches and done 2 of the 5 rows of moss stitch, so I’ll be ready to buy and sew on the zipper tomorrow. Then it’s back to the neglected Jack…until the next apple rolls my way, that is.



  1. That sweater is adorable! Lexie is one lucky girl!


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