Posted by: jinniver | September 1, 2009

Attack of the Yarn Spawn!

Although I’m not a member of the Sock Yarnista club from Three Irish Girls, I am a member of the group on Ravelry. Those ladies tend to be a bit chattier, and I enjoy hanging out with them. Several months ago, one member of the group came up with a great idea to do a sample co-op. She ordered several skeins of yarn and split them into quarters, then shipped our selections off to us. I really loved my mini skeins (which someone dubbed “yarn spawn”) so I immediately signed up for round 2.

This time, our co-op mastermind decided to run a contest. Last time, she and her husband had put together funny pictures and a movie to show off the box of skeins, and this time it was our turn. We were all supposed to take a funny picture with our spawn and then post it–the winner would be selected by the members.

The minute I heard of the contest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but it was going to take more than one picture. It was going to take several…and a 4-year-old bribed with popcorn. But it all came together, and I give you:

Jen & Jeffrey Productions presents…

Attack of the Yarn Spawn!

It was a bright and sunny day. Jeffrey had no inkling of the horror hiding inside the innocuous looking mailbox sitting peacefully in the summer sunshine.

Yarn Spawn Attack (1)

“Hmmm…what’s this?”

Yarn Spawn Attack (2)

“I wonder what’s inside. It almost feels like…it’s moving? Nah–must be my imagination.”

Yarn Spawn Attack (3)

Unwisely, Jeffrey dismissed his concerns and took the envelope inside. He opened it, peered inside…

Yarn Spawn Attack (4)


Yarn Spawn Attack (5)


Yarn Spawn Attack (6)


Yarn Spawn Attack (7)

Desperately, Jeffrey tried to make his escape. For four years, he’d been eating his vegetables to ensure he had fast running power.

Yarn Spawn Attack (8)

But the Yarn Spawn was fast too…

Yarn Spawn Attack (9)

And their first victim has been claimed.

Yarn Spawn Attack (10)

Who will they claim next…?

Yarn Spawn Attack (11)

No children or yarn spawn were injured in the recording of this adventure.



  1. Your Ravelry posts amused me, so I followed you on Twitter and subscribed to your blog. Neither have failed to keep me amused, and this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Poor Jeffrey! I hear popcorn is a cure for yarn spawn though so he’s a lucky boy.

  3. That is too funny!

    jealous of the yarn spawn!

  4. Roflol!

  5. That is soooo funny, I Love it!!!!!

  6. That is hilarious!

    Jeffrey deserves an Oscar or popcorn for that performance.

  7. HILARIOUS!! Too cute!

    • He really did his uncle proud for this one!


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