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We interrupt this knitting…with more knitting

I’ve never been one to knit one project at a time.  I like variety, switching it up.  It keeps me from getting bored with a project, especially one that’s nothing but stockinette, or knit with solid colored yarn, or sized for me (’cause that’s a lot of knitting for little obvious gain sometimes).

So I was a bit bemused recently when I discovered that I’d been knitting on a Sweet Pea cardigan for Lexie for almost 2 full weeks without touching another project.  Bemused, but not surprised.

It was love at first sight with this cardigan…although I almost didn’t see it.  I’d put my copy of Knitting off to the side after getting it, and didn’t rediscover it until several months later.  When I unwrapped it, I found a bonus insert of patterns from Sirdar.   I love Sirdar patterns, because they’re usually sized from 0-6 months until about 7 years, so they’re good for years of my children’s growth.  The pattern on the front was the Sweet Pea cardigan.  And there was no question what I was going to knit it with; I had just selected the Sweet Pea colorway for that month’s Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie choice, on the Elenya Alpaca/Merino:

3IG Deliciousness Sweet Pea (2)

I’ve been having a lot of fun knitting this cardigan, mostly because the yarn is so beautiful to knit with and I’m having fun watching what the variegated yarn is doing.  The back, for example, has a skirt and then armhole shaping, so the yarn has done 3 different things:

Sweet Pea 1

The argyle rocks.

So I really wasn’t feeling the need to move to something else to keep myself interested.  But then I got a PM from someone on Ravelry.  She was working on a pair of “suede” booties that I’d made once (actually, three times) for my niece, she’d seen I had some of the yarn left, and she was wondering if I was willing to part with it.  I’d ended up with more of the yarn than I expected left over, and I was more than willing to send it on to someone who would put it to use.  I actually had quite a bit, since I’d purchased more that I’d never done anything with.

suede yarns

She only needed the light and dark brown scraps, so I set the rest off to the side to put back away.  Before I did, Steve came home and mentioned offhandedly that one of his coworkers was expecting his second child in a month.  Naturally, my first question was, “Boy or girl?”  Naturally, he hadn’t thought to ask.

So, I wouldn’t be casting on for a sweater right away.  Then my eye fell on the pile of suede yarn.

Well, since I didn’t know gender, I didn’t want to go with hot pink or even lavender.  But I did have the black scraps and the new ball of brown, which would let me make a nice neutral pair of booties that would go with everything.  Plus, black “Uggs” would be especially appropriate in this instance.  Steve’s coworker, like Steve, is a Navy Surface Warfare Officer (SWO).  SWO’s are sometimes referred to as “Black Shoes” (or, amongst ourselves, just as a “Shoe”…but that’s usually not complementary), since they wear black shoes and aviators wear brown.

Suddenly, that old wandering feeling was back in my fingers.  I couldn’t even wait long enough to run upstairs and grab my Knitpicks interchangeable circs; I cast on with the only set of bamboo I saved (they’re 17”, smaller than the Knitpicks).  It didn’t take long to realize what a mistake that was, since the yarn was already plenty sticky and the bamboo didn’t help…but I kept plugging away.

Two days later:

SWO baby Uggs 2

They were a hit at knitting group tonight; hopefully the recipient loves them as well!  Now it’s back to the cardigan…



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  2. The Uggs are too cute!

  3. Wow! What adorable little uggs!! I absolutely have to find that pattern for my little guy…is it up on Ravelry?

    • Hi, Lyndsey! I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you before now; I’d forgotten to update WordPress with my new email address and didn’t get notification of the comment! Yes, the pattern is on Ravelry under “Suede” Booties. It’s a free pattern that was hosted on; they’ve taken it down, but the link on the pattern page takes you to an archived page where you can get the pattern. It’s a lot of fun, and very quick!

  4. P.S. I found you on Mombloggers…Knitting group 🙂

  5. I can’t get the link to work. Does anyone know where else I can find the pattern?


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