Posted by: jinniver | July 27, 2009

Letter to a late night knitter

Dear Me,

I know you’re really loving the cardigan you’re knitting for Lexie, using Sirdar’s Sweet Pea Cardigan pattern. Yes, Sirdar patterns rock. They’re attractive, and they’re generally sized from 0-6 months through 7 years or so, so you can actually knit them for your children before they outgrow them.  And that wonderfully soft 100% alpaca Deliciousness yarn from Three Irish GirlsStash Menagerie club (in that gorgeous colorway that just happens to also be named Sweet Pea), is such a dream to knit with.  I know that all of that makes it hard to put the knitting down.

With that said, possibly, just possibly, knitting into the early morning hours is a bad idea. Now, I’m not saying it is…I’m just suggesting you may want to rethink it. I’m sure you really did read those instructions very carefully–several times. And it was just one, tiny, 4 letter word you missed (no, not any of the 4 letter words you’re saying now), I agree. But sometimes–just sometimes, mind you–even small words have big meanings.

You just–maybe–might want to think about the time you could have saved knitting those 8 rows you’re about to frog and reknit…not to mention the time you just spent searching the pattern company’s website, the Ravelry pattern page, and about 50 different project pages for (non-existent) errata. Yes, I understand that you did catch yourself before you actually posted what would have been a massively embarrassing plea for help on the Pattern forum–but you only caught yourself as you were in the process of typing the line in question…and saw that 4 letter word for the first time.

Just remember–there’s a big difference between doing decreases on the end of every row…and doing decreases on EACH end of every row. Small word, big difference.

Oh, and did I mention alpaca’s a pain to frog? Kinda sticky. Have fun, moron.

No love,

P.S. Dear Me, sorry about the snarky tone there towards the end. I get a little testy when it’s almost 1 am and I just wasted an hour. No disrespect intended–it’s not you, it’s me.

And you did a good job on the frogging.  That after-the-fact lifeline you put in just before that screwed up armhole shaping was perfect–you only missed one stitch but that was easily picked up.  Of course, since you were putting in a lifeline and frogging back anyway, you could have always put it back an inch earlier to get rid of that extra inch you knit because you got into a rhythm and forgot to measure until you were past the length you were supposed to stop at.  Then again, considering your tall children, it was probably best to leave it in.



Now get your butt to bed, idiot.



  1. Sometimes we just need to put it down. But it’s so tempting to try to power through!

  2. Another point in favour of not knitting late into the night: Do not try just to finish a lace pattern doing Ishbel when it’s close to midnight. Makes for great fun the day after trying to find where go went wrong. With no lifelines.

  3. Good to see you back; hope to see you in person soon!


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