Posted by: jinniver | June 14, 2009

Ravangelism and KIPing

I forgot that yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) day.

In fact, I didn’t remember until I saw my friend Trish’s blog post. She’s got a group that meets up regularly in a public place, so they gathered for some public knitting.  My first thought:  “Looks like they had fun!”  My second thought:  “Oops…”

Then again, I might have KIPed anyway–depends on your definition of “public.”  If it’s just some place where other people can see you, then I succeeded…but if it’s some place you wouldn’t normally expect to find knitters, then I had KIP fail.  I spent my usual Saturday at my LYS, Knotty Girl.

In retrospect, though, it’s a good thing I did.  Business has been, unfortunately, slow at the LYS as it has been many places.  Saturdays tend to be too quiet, but not yesterday.  Yesterday it seemed like as soon as we got one person set up with what they needed, someone else was looking for assistance.  And naturally, neither the LYSO nor her assistant were there–they’re at market this weekend.  The LYSO’s stepdaughter was helping out, but she’s not as conversant with the store, nor is she a needlepointer (Knotty Girl sells needlepoint canvas, yarns, and supplies as well).

Fortunately, we had several of the regulars there.  Deb does needlepoint, so she fielded all of those questions.  Suzanne gave impromptu knitting instruction.  I helped find yarn and answer questions…and spread the word of Ravelry.

I doubt I need to actually say that I love Ravelry; I’m pretty sure it’s obvious.  It’s just that there is so much there for a knitter or crocheter, that whenever I find I’m talking to someone who doesn’t know about Ravelry, I can’t stop myself from gushing about all it has to offer.  And then I give them one of my “business” cards…which technically are for my blog, but I usually hand them out because they have Ravelry’s website and my Ravname on them.  I also tell them that if they have any questions once they get on Ravelry, they can always find me and ask a question.  I ended up handing out three cards yesterday.

I even got a sale thanks to Ravelry.

One of the shopppers found a yarn she really liked, Trendsetter Yarns’ Pandora. But she couldn’t figure out what to do with it, or how much she’d need. She and the LYSO’s helper checked out the yarn company’s website for patterns, but none of them were what she wanted. Naturally, I suggested Ravelry.

I hopped on the computer and pulled up the yarn, and from there clicked through to the 67 projects knit with that yarn. The shopper looked a few, and decided she wanted a shrug. So I flipped over to the patterns tab, and did an advanced search for shrug patterns knit with bulky weight yarn. When I pointed out that the first option on the list, the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet was a free Ravelry download that she could print out right now, we decided to add the “free” and “available” online filters as well. By the time she worked out, she had a pattern in hand and a reason to buy the yarn she liked.

So…I didn’t exactly knit in public yesterday…but I think I did my part to spread the knitting love.  And isn’t that what WWKIP day is all about?



  1. awesome!! I know they’re going to miss you:)


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