Posted by: jinniver | June 12, 2009

Thursday night knitting

It was a small group last night at Knotty Girl.  Usually most of the available seats are taken (sometimes we have to pull out extras), but some of the regulars may not have gotten the word about the schedule change–the Sit ‘n Knit was initally cancelled due to scheduling issues, but a fellow knitter who’s helped at the store volunteered to be the hostess.  As this might be my last Sit ‘n Knit, I was hoping to see a few more knitting friends whom I only see at the Thursday night knitting, but I was still glad for the chance to knit with a few of them.

Suzanne, our hostess, was working on her socks.  Although she’s a relatively new sock knitter, you’d never know it from looking at her socks…or from watching her knit 2 at a time on 2 circs.  She’s been getting tutoring from our resident sock addict, and with her help, Suzanne was even knitting identical socks with her variegated yarn, rather than fraternal twins.

Sue and Joanne were both working on blanket squares knit from the center out, using fingering weight yarn.  Sue’s a sock knitter too so she had lots of scraps lying around; she decided to starting knitting them into squares that she’ll crochet together once she’s got enough.  Of course, “enough” has turned into a moving target, depending on how much she’s enjoying (or not!) knitting square after square.  I love the project she’s got going–I don’t have any plans for a blanket myself, but I did recently see a girl’s dress pattern in one of my knitting magazines that inspired me.  The pattern had crocheted granny squares at the hem, which was cute, but not my kind of thing.  It got me thinking, though, that I could knit Lexie a dress and then embelish it with squares like Sue’s been making.

I spent my time working on my February Lady Sweater.  I’m almost to the point where I’m ready to start the lace and split out the sleeves, but it’s a little hard to tell.  I have thick upper arms, and sleeves are often too tight for me, so I don’t want that…but I also don’t want to end up with extra fabric bunching up under my arms.  I’d gotten the longer cords for my circs, but even they don’t give me the extra length I needed, so I recently put all 378 stitches onto waste yarn to try it on.  I think a couple more rows might do it…and I think I’m going to split the stitches onto 2 circs with nice long cords so I can try it on a little more easily.

Only got 2 rows knit (although that is 756 stitches) last night, but I did get the new buttons sewed on!

Feb Lady Can't Say No (3)

I couldn’t be happier with how the pewter buttons from Roosterick on etsy turned out. This was a custom order, since he didn’t have any as large as I needed, and they’re perfect.

Feb Lady Can't Say No (4)

The design is called “Starstruck,” but what struck me was how much the emblem looked like a 4-leaf clover. And since I’m knitting with yarn from Three Irish Girls, how perfect is that? The buttons have a really satisfying heft to them but are nice and slim. They look great with the yarn, too. The only second guessing I did with them was when I saw the back–I really liked the rough look of the back too, and briefly considering sewing the buttons on upside down!

Feb Lady Can't Say No (2)

But it did seem like a waste to hide the great work on the front…so I’ll just ask for a button that looks like the back for my next custom order instead.

We had a nice 2 hours of knitting together, and then it was time to head home.  I said my farewells to Sue and Joanne, since we may not be seeing each other again, and told Suzanne I’d see her Saturday.  It’s hard to get my head around the fact that my time here in south Texas is growing so short–we leave a week from today.  So I’m definitely taking what time I can spare from moving preps to spend with my knitting friends.



  1. Oh I love how that sweater is coming!! You knit so fast!

    • Of course! I have fast knitting power! Jeffrey said so. 🙂

  2. About the sleeves–if anything they may be too loose. Mine are fine toward the top, but get hugely loose further down. Then again, I did mine in stockinette and not the lace pattern, so that might make a difference.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’d actually noticed in the pattern pictures that it looks like the sleeves end up pretty loose. It’s actually around the upper arm that I tend to have sleeves that are too tight.


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