Posted by: jinniver | June 6, 2009

I have a superpower

We’ve recently figured out how to get Jeffrey to eat vegetables.  We tell him not to eat his vegetables because they’ll give him fast running power.  Well, faster running power, since he already claims fast running power.

So, today Jeffrey and Lexie were with Steve while he was grocery shopping, and Steve picked up some fresh green beans to steam for dinner.  “What’s that, Daddy?” Jeffrey asked.

“Green beans,” Steve said.

“Beans?  Like I eat?”


Jeffrey thought about that for a bit.  “What are you and Mommy going to eat?”

“We’re going to eat green beans too,” Steve told him.  “So we’ll have fast running power too!”

“No-oo!” Jeffrey said.  “Not Mommy!”

“Not Mommy?”

“Mommy doesn’t have fast running power!  She has fast knitting power!”

Pass the green beans.



  1. OMG!! that is tooo funny.

    OMG! Steve shops???

    • He does! More than that–he cooks! 🙂

      He actually enjoys taking the kids grocery shopping, which he does while I’m at my Saturday knitting.

  2. What a kid!

  3. As the podcast says….”Knit….Knit like the wind!”

    And my hubby shops, too. And took the short person to Lowe’s to pick out flowers for my hanging basket while I was off spinning. So I have a lot of red, yellow, and purple (well, lavender) flowers on my front porch this year.

  4. Well, you do have fast knitting power 🙂


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