Posted by: jinniver | May 30, 2009

Margaret Thatcher visited my LYS


There is a running joke in Steve’s wardroom (the other officers) on his ship about his crush on Margaret Thatcher.  I don’t know where it comes from, I don’t want to know, but Steve enjoys playing along.  At his Farewell, one of his officers presented him with a Margaret Thatcher snow globe (giving out joke gifts is a Farewell tradition, both to and from the departee).  Maggie, as we fondly refer to her, stayed on his desk on the ship until he moved all his gear out prior to the ship’s move to Japan.

The night Maggie came home, I walked into the bedroom after Steve was asleep to find her on my dresser.  As Steve hoped, it made me jump (although he was disappointed it didn’t happen when he could see it).   After some thought on how I could return the favor (the toilet tank was vetoed because a) I’m not sure he turns on the light in there in the morning and b) startling a man at that time can be…messy) I placed her on his dresser.  His dresser is in the walk-in closet, where he gets dressed in the morning; I figured that would startle him enough.  Mission accomplished.

For a bit, Maggie remained there.  Then, Thursday before I went to knitting night, I moved her to the tank of the bedroom toilet, where Steve would get a good eyeful of her when…well, you know (I figured it was safe enough while he was fully awake).  I received the following text: “How dare you sully my Margaret like that?”  Undeterred, I put her in the cupboard on the plates Friday night before Steve set the table for dinner.  At that point, he announced, it was “on.”

Today, I go to Knotty Girls for some afternoon knitting with whomever else came to knit.  I hadn’t been there long when I received the following text: “Check your bag.”   Sure enough…there was Maggie.  So I gave her a guided tour, which I documented for Steve in the following texts (please forgive the cell phone quality pictures):


Maggie’s a sock knitter. Who knew?


She’s also into the pricey linen. Of course, it is “Maggi’s Linen.” Then again, it’s Irish, so I don’t know how she’d feel about that…


Maggie does beautiful lace work.


Maggie took some time out to take Ann’s (the LYSO) beaded fish needlework class (thanks, Deb, for offering up your work!)


Maggie says, “IHTFP!”

That last is a bit of an inside joke between Steve and I (and thousands of fellow Naval Academy grads). IHTFP is commonly understood to mean “I Hate This F*@#$%! Place,” but is sarcastically rendered as “I Have Truly Found Paradise.” Took Steve to get it, since he didn’t see the yarn name right away.

I see a lot of traveling in Maggie’s future.



  1. ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Keep us posted–if I keep laughing like that, I may actually laugh my butt off!

  3. I now know why I like ol’ Maggie — who knew she’s a fellow knitter!


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