Posted by: jinniver | May 20, 2009

An exercise in…patience


Many, many hours.

Exercise in patience

That’s how much work I made for myself by being…stupid impatient.

About a month ago, I found with a sudden unquenchable urge to make my own WIP pin.  So if you’re thinking you’ve seen the above yarn before, you have:

WIP pin (1)

All the WIP pin requires is scraps of fingering weight yarn, but I didn’t have any.  I did, however, have a skein of Three Irish Girls’ Kells in Azalea Orchid. I didn’t have any plans for the yarn, so I figured I could easily use part of it for a pin and have plenty left over for a full project, if I decided to make one later.

This is when my stupidity impatience kicked in.  I was so eager to get started that I didn’t want to waste time winding an entire skein for just a bit of it.  So I cut the ties and knit the pin straight from the skein.

At this point, I could have still salvaged the situation by winding it before I moved it around too much, or just retying it.  Instead, I left it sitting on the side table next to my chair for a couple weeks, moving it occasionally when it ended up over something I wanted.  Still, not disasterous…

…until Steve straightened up the living room.

I found the yarn, balled up with another skein I’d done the same thing to, and shoved into a small box in the office/craft room.  No one to blame but myself for that one.  But it was so disinheartening that I put off trying to deal with it until last night.

Yesterday, I’d decided to wind a couple skeins of yarn.  I wanted to wind the yarn for my February Lady Sweater, as well as some yarn I’d gotten for more WIP pins. Some of them will be for me and to sell (see below for more on that!), but I also had several skeins of pink yarn that I bought to make WIP pins to donate to my guild’s Knit for the Cure fundraising drive in October. Most of those yarns came balled, but they were all wound into forms I hate knitting from; my own yarn cakes are always much neater.

So I decided it was time to tackle my mess.  The first picture above was taken about 8 pm last night, after about an hour’s work.  I quit for the night at midnight:

Exercise in patience 2

So much for getting to bed early last night like I’d hoped to…

I picked it up again this morning and worked a bit off and on, then again after lunch (I was able to work more steadily in the afternoon, with Lexie down for her nap). By the time Lexie was up again, about 4:30 pm, I’d gotten about as far as I could with the first ball and had started another from the other end.

Exercise in patience 3

The initial ball had gotten big enough that it was hard to work in through the tangles. Plus, I kept running into the other end, and it was beginning to annoy me to have to flapping loose and tangling into what I was trying to fix.

Things went a lot more quickly after that, I was able to document the last tangle for posterity a little over an hour later:

Exercise in patience 4

Once done, I combined the 2 balls, and was finally able to wind it.

Exercise in patience 5

It would be nice if I could learn these lessons without making so much work for myself…

Oh, yeah–that sale thing.

I belong to a number of NASCAR groups on Ravelry, and one of them is dedicated to making afghans for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. VJGC is a camp for chronically ill children, intended to give them a break from the stresses of their day-to-day life. In addition to giving children a week of fun at no charge to their family (including for any medical care during the week), the camp gives each camper an afghan, hand knit or crocheted by volunteers. The Raveler who started the group drives to VJGC each year to drop off the afghans (many of which she has seamed, since she accepts donations of blocks as well as full afghans, in addition to the ones she made herself). In order to defray her fuel costs, she’s started an etsy store, with hand-dyed yarn and yarny items donated by supporters for sale. My pins will be among the goods, and in my case I’ve opted for 100% of the proceeds to be donated to the gas fund. So please check the store out, especially if you like hand-dyed yarn or are looking for the perfect gift for the NASCAR knitter in your life!



  1. That’s a beautiful yarn.

    I had the same kind of winding issue with some laceweight silk, even with someone acting as my swift. It tangled about 2/3 way through, so we wound from the other end. I had two balls of yarn, and a tangly mess from the middle. Snipped it and have two balls of yarn and a separate tangly mess! Just couldn’t deal with it.

    You are very patient!

  2. Thanks, lady.

    I ❤ you.


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