Posted by: jinniver | May 11, 2009

Two types of comfort knitting

As I blogged about last, I was recently reduced to comfort knitting. I have yet to return to Jeffrey’s Christmas Spices Cardigan, partly because I’m still not ready to face it and partly because a new project–providing comfort of a different sort–has jumped to the top of the queue. But more on that later…

First, though, Lexie finally has a third hand-knit bib.

Fiesta bib 1

Originally, it was going to have a much more scrappy look. I’d already started the bottom with what was left of the black yarn, and I only had about twice as much of the Fiesta colorway left. So I’d planned to shift to a third colorway to finish the bib off…until I remembered where I had some of the Fiesta:

fiesta dress 004_editedfiesta dress 010_ravelry

Lexie’s Fiesta Jumper was one of my first projects. I was quite proud of it when I finished it, not so much for its looks–it was full of visible flaws–but because it was my first dress and I’d designed it myself. I learned a lot from that project, which eventually led to Lexie’s A Fair Summer Isle.


In the end, though, the Fiesta Jumper was never worn, mostly because it turned out to be just too bulky and held up a little baby trying to learn to roll and crawl. But I kept it hanging in Lexie’s closet, not sure what to do with it. Now, though, I realized it was time to put that yarn to a better use. So I began frogging the jumper.

It was a bit sad how easy it was. I certainly had no issues finding the right yarn to cut in the seams:

Fiesta jumper frogging (1)

Yeah…pretty easy to find, huh?

Once I had the jumper in pieces, I was about to pull it apart and rewind the yarn when it occurred to me I could just knit straight from the jumper. That worked much more easily than I expected.

Fiesta jumper frogging (3)

I was ready to cast on for another one, when I remembered I had a guild assignment to complete. My LYS, Knotty Girl Fiber Arts Studio, sponsors a knitting guild, the Knotty Knitters. We do various charity projects, and the guild president has asked us to each complete a certain number of projects each year. I’m not going to be here for much longer, so if I’m going to get any of mine done, I need to get started now. So on Saturday I cast on for an Angel Heart Blanket.

Angel Heart Blanket

Corpus Christi has a children’s hospital, Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and we knit the Angel Heart Blankets for them. Because of the nature of the hospital, they see a lot of high-risk pregnancies and pregnancies with difficulties, and not all of them turn out well. Driscoll’s has an Angel Room, which is for parents to spend a last few hours with their baby. The babies are wrapped in an Angel Heart Blanket, which the parents are allowed to keep as a momento. These kinds of projects are near to my heart, so I definitely wanted to knit one before I left. I was lucky that I didn’t have an occasion to use one of these blankets. It’s the least I can do to help provide a little comfort to a parent who does.



  1. You’re a good person Jenn

  2. Jen, I remember when you posted that picture of Lexie in her dress. It was adorable on her but what wouldn’t be? The bib was a great idea.

    The Angel blanket is sweet and poignant. I knit burial gowns for the local NICU unit because that’s what the unit director said they needed most and many knitters felt too sad making them. I need to get back to making some, it’s been a while. I heard a story firsthand from a woman once when I was buying yarn for them that made me realize how much these things mean to bereft, grieving parents.

  3. That’s great that Lexie is going to get some use out of the yarn after all!

    Those blankets are so sweet.

  4. Isn’t it great when what you enjoy is also something that is comforting to you and others?

    And I LOVE how you “recycled” Lexie’s jumper. I have a favorite sweater that I want to do something similar with but haven’t figured out the right project.


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