Posted by: jinniver | May 6, 2009

Comfort knitting and a confession

Once the kids were in bed, I headed into the office/craft room for the last major task of the Great Stash Reorganization of 2009.  I have a lot of yarn I bought before I discovered either Knotty Girls or Ravelry that is perfectly serviceable, but which I knew I would never be using. Fortunately, Knotty Girl has a yarn box where we can donate yarn to be distributed to various organizations that can use it.  So I needed to pull out all that yarn and bag it up for my next trip to the LYS.  I filled 3 shopping bags, and then put the inexpensive yarns I was keeping back on the shelf.

I stepped back and surveyed my work–not just on the bookshelf but also the floor that was no longer cluttered with random piles of yarn–and felt a sense of satisfaction…tempered with some frustration.

Confession time:  while this reorganization was desperately needed for its own sake (it had become nearly impossible to move across that room), what finally got me off my butt and doing it was this:

3IG Galenas Merino Gingerbread House (1)

I don’t know where it is. And I need it.

That’s my Three Irish Girls Galenas Merino in Gingerbread House. I’m using it to knit Jeffrey’s Christmas Spices Cardigan. The cardigan is nearly done, and I love it:

Christmas Spices Cardigan (5)Christmas Spices Cardigan (6)

In retrospect, I am so glad I decided to rip back and knit longer–if I hadn’t, there’s no chance it would be long enough come this fall. And I had plenty of yarn, since I bought 3 skeins of the Gingerbread House and 2 of the Cinnamon Spice…except I can’t find the last skein of Gingerbread House.  I know I wound it, and I remember deciding to put some of the yarn away while I was knitting because at the time I had several projects on the needle and was carrying them all with me.

So when I couldn’t find my last skein of Gingerbread House, was mildly chargrined.  Considering the wreck of my yarn “organization,” that was to be expected.  But now I’ve organized all of the yarn I can find…and I can’t find it.

All I have left to knit is the 1″ 1×1 ribbing on the collar, and then the 1″ 1×1 ribbing for the button and buttonhole bands…all the yarn I have left is this:

GH scraps

I’m just not sure it’ll be enough.

I’ve got options.  It was a club colorway, so some of my fellow club members might have some scraps left they’d be willing to part with.  I could always ask Sharon to dye another skein, since club members have exclusive access to every club colorway dyed in the past.  Or, I could knit just the collar and buttonhole band with this, and the button band (which will be hidden when the cardigan is buttoned) in the left over Cinnamon Spice.  I’ve also considered ripping back the last section of striping on the sleeves–they’re actually a bit longer than needed, so taking off an inch of each won’t hurt at all.

But for right now…I’m just not up to dealing with it.  I’m tired and a bit on overload.  Steve’s been gone more than he’s been home the last month, so I’ve been parenting solo.  I’ve also done something to my right knee, and the pain’s reached the point where it’s pretty constant.  So instead of trying to pick up stitches when I’m a bit wiped, I reached onto the shelf of inexpensive yarns and pulled out this:

comfort knitting

Lexie’s in desperate need of some more bibs–she only has 2 that I knit for her, and we vastly prefer them over any purchased bibs.  And since they’re bibs, it won’t matter that they’re made from scraps of Peaches & Cream.  The Lion’s Brand Organic Cotton is for me; the last 2 washclothes I knit were claimed by my kids, so this one will be for me, darn it!

So for tonight, it’s going to be simple patterns and garter stitch.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be ready to tackle the Project That Might Not Have Enough Yarn…



  1. If you need it, I have a skein of Gingerbread House that I could probably be convinced to part with. I love it, but its just sitting here waiting to tell me what it wants to be when it grows up, which is not as pressing as your need. =)

  2. Still loving those bibs, eh? I get to knit a bunch up again soon for the SIL and new arrival in July.

  3. Said a prayer to St Anthony for your yarn… now I’m hoping I remembered the right saint!


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