Posted by: jinniver | April 29, 2009

Training the next generation

I am so proud.

My children have a little magnetic toy that attaches to the fridge, with animal magnets (half an animal on each magnet). When you match up the right 2 halves, it sings a song and tells you a little fact about the animal. One of those animals is a sheep, and the other day Jeffrey learned that sheep have curly wool.

Seeing a brainwashing recruiting learning opportunity, I whipped out my skein of Springvale in Jack and explained to Jeffrey that the farmer cuts the sheep’s curly wool, which is spun into yarn, which people can then knit. He seemed only mildly interested, although he greatly enjoyed looking at the pretty colors and squeezing the soft wool.

The other night, I come back from getting dinner, and my incredulous husband relates the following exchange with our son:

Jeffrey had matched up the sheep halves, and then looks at my husband and says solemnly, “Sheep have curly wool. The farmer cuts off the wool and makes yarn with it.”

My husband, whose ship had just pulled back into port and didn’t know about Jeffrey’s new knowledge, says, “That’s right. Then what happens?”

“Mommy knits with it.”

“Right! And then what?”

Well, I hadn’t covered what was next…so Jeffrey thought about it for a few moments, then answered, “She puts it back on the sheep who don’t have any curly wool.”



  1. So cute! Of course you would put back on the sheep. Poor naked sheep.

  2. The last shearing I was at, it was cold, and the sheep would have appreciated having the wool back…

  3. Too cute! Would you mind sharing that in our June guild newsletter?


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