Posted by: jinniver | April 22, 2009

Future plans…(2 of many)

Last month, I blogged about the Three Irish Girls yarn giveaway.  I wasn’t lucky enough to win (not surprising, considering the number of entries), but as I mentioned, I did score some beautiful yarn to make sweaters for each child.  The yarn arrived late last week, much to my surprise.  I’d ordered it when I submitted my selection for my April yarn from Stash Menagerie, in order to take advantage of the free shipping (since I’ve already “paid” for shipping with my club subscription).  So I expected the yarn to arrive at the same time, but it turns out that Sharon ships it when it’s done (which could be before or after, depending on what’s going on with orders).

I’ll be honest…after I placed my order and wrote my exuberant blog post…I started second-guessing my choice of Jack with a vengeance.   It was just so unexpected in its color combinations.   And it wasn’t even just the orange, which had given me the biggest questions pre-order.   There were just so many different versions of green, from deep forest to a bluey mint.

Now I was holding Jack in my hands.

3IG Springvale Super Merino Jack

Doubts laid to rest.

The colors on my yarn–especially the orange–are slightly muted as compared to the sample, but I chose a different yarn base (Springvale Super Merino, which is wonderfully soft and smooshy) so I was prepared for differences.  My orange is more of a creamcicle than a pumpkin, but it works.   It really works.  I can’t wait to get this yarn knit up.  And now, thanks to my fellow Three Irish Girls fans, I’ve finally found a pattern for Jeffrey!

I’d seen Drive-Thru before, and I remember noting in passing that it looked really cute.   But it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time, so I hadn’t made a note of it.   This time I took a good look at it.  There were 3 things I noted that made it a pattern definitely worth spending the money for.  First, the pattern has both a pullover and a cardigan version.   Second, it comes in sizes 2 – 16.   And third, I loved the striping detail at the top–although I’m not going to need it for this yarn, it’ll be a nice touch when I knit it again.

Kate, on the other hand, had been a much easier selection for me.  No qualms whatsoever.  Then I got Kate…

3IG McClellan Kate

…and realized it could be even more beautiful.  I chose McClellan, a fingering weight yarn, specifically to knit the Summer Sox Child’s Cardi (called Stripey Toddler Cardigan on Ravelry) for Lexie.  Unlike the Springvale, I’d never handled McClellan before, since it hasn’t been a selection for the Stash Menagerie Club.  I will definitely be ordering more, though!  The bamboo that’s been added to the wool gives the yarn a beautifully silky feel and sheen (as indicated by the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t completely eliminate the shine in my picture).

I’m dying to cast both of them on…except for the small problem that I’ve already got quite a bit on the needles.  And quite a bit planned before these projects.  But aren’t they calling for you to knit them now? asked the Three Irish Girls group.

With all of the TIG yarns I’ve got tucked away in my craft room right now, there’s a veritable cacophony of “Knit me! No, knit ME!”  But I can resist.  I think.



  1. Looks so yummie. I’ve thought about getting the Drive thru pattern myself.

  2. Beautiful yarns. Three Irish Girls have been tempting me for months. Now it is time to actually place an order…


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