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Baby carrots

small carrot (2)

Apparently, people like to knit food.

A little over a week ago, I posted a pattern for a large carrot (NOTE: refer to this post for more in progress shots if needed, when following the pattern given below). I got several comments on Ravelry, and couple people even whipped up a couple of them. And then Knitting Pattern added my page to their list of newly added free patterns. Almost 1200 people have directly visited that post now.

So, I’m happy to say I’ve finally finished the smaller version.  Of course, it was supposed to be the medium version…but as I worked on it, I realized it was going to knit up smaller than I’d planned.  Fortunately, I wanted a smaller version too, so I just went with it.

small carrot (3)

I’d show you what it looks like next to the large carrot, for some perspective…except I no longer have the large carrot! I took it with me to show off to my fellow knitters at Knotty Girls this weekend, and we had a special guest:  the 5-month-old daughter of one of the knitters.  The carrot went home with her, much to her delight (after we delighted in seeing how much fun she had with it).  So it’s even been baby tested and baby approved!   And fortunately, my niece’s birthday isn’t until August, so I have time to knit a replacement (or 3).

Small Carrot

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore DK (color 1383, orange; color 054, bright green)
Needle: US3 DPN
Other Supplies: Polyester fiberfill, tapestry needle
Gauge: 8 sts / 10 rows = 1”

C/O 24 sts – knit 5 rows of stockinette stitch (start and end with a knit row) before splitting on 3 DPNs (8 sts per needle) and joining in a round.
Knit until carrot is 1 ½”.
On n1: K1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1 (6 sts). Rep on n2 and n3 (18 sts total).
Knit until carrot is 2 ½”.
On n1: K1, (K2tog)x2, K1 (4 sts). Rep on n2 and n3 (12 sts total).
Knit until carrot is 3”.
K2tog all around (6 sts).
Knit 2 rows. Cut yarn, leaving tail long enough to thread through tapestry needle, and thread needle through stitches on DPNs. Remove DPNs and pull tight. Tie off yarn. Sew up seam at top of carrot. Seaming will cause top to curve in slightly. Weave in ends.

small carrot (1)
Carrot with green strands long enough to tie into a single knot, prior to trimming.

Stuff carrot.  Once carrot is almost completely stuffed, cut several strainds of green yarn.  Last time I cut them at 9″ and then double knotted all of the strands, but this time I wanted a single knot that I didn’t have wrap to hide.  If you prefer this method, cut the strands long enough that when doubled, you can wrap them around your fingers to tie a single knit.  I cut 9 strands, but you could cut more or less depending on how full you want the top.  Thread the strands through the top of the carrot from one side to the other, gather, and knot with method of your choice.



  1. Zoe is thoroughly enjoying the carrot. Her dad is using it to get her to move in a certain direction. Playing follow the carrot.


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