Posted by: jinniver | April 5, 2009

The mystery link with a beautiful ending

Every once in a while, I like to check out in my blog stats where people have been visiting me from.  For one, it gives me a good idea of what methods of blog promotion are working–I don’t go write mindless comments on other people’s blogs in the hopes they’ll click the link to mine, but I do Twitter about new blog posts, and link them to Ravelry projects, etc.  Yesterday, I saw that a couple people had arrived at my blog via another blog, with a name I didn’t recognize.  Some of my friends have blogrolled TSWOFA (it just occurred to me that the acronym for my blog name resembles the word for a piece of living room furniture.  Acronym fail!), but this wasn’t one of their blogs.

So, out of curiosity, I clicked over to see what the blog post was, and how people had gotten from there to here. At first sight, the answer wasn’t obvious…but I was glad I went anyway.

Elinor of Exercise Before Knitting had written a blog post about a stashbusting vest she designed. Not only was the fair isle vest stunning (and stunning on her), she’d proudly pointed out that she’d only had to buy one skein of yarn to finish it–everything else came from scraps in her stash. And then, she generously shared the charts of her designs (to be used as you see fit) and provided a clear explanation of how she designed the vest, including links to steeking tutorials and lots of close up pictures of her work.

The sidebar also contains a number of beautiful pattern pictures; Elinor has several designs available for free (like the December Stripes Hat, another stash buster) or purchase via Ravelry download (like the gorgeous cabled Grow Like a Weed Jacket). Oh, and even if you don’t have or know of anyone with a baby, check out the Seed Stitch Baby Jacket–just for the model pictures, if for no other reason. You’ll understand.

Of course, that didn’t answer the question as to why my blog would have been visited via the original post. I’ve never designed a vest, only done one fair isle project, never steeked…  And my blog was never mentioned in Elinor’s blog post, so…?

I found the answer at the bottom–Exercise Before Knitting is a WordPress blog, and for some reason, one of my old posts had been automatically linked by WordPress as a “possibly related post.”

Um…if you say so

(But at least I got to read a cool post as a result of the mystery link!)



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