Posted by: jinniver | April 4, 2009

Knittus interruptus

I haz it.

Or rather, I had it.  Pretty much the entire 3 hours I was at my LYS today–I got about half of the knitting done that I expected today.  But for today, that was okay.

Normally, I’m at the yarn store for 5 hours or more on Saturday–from right before/after lunch until they close at 5 pm.  Today, however, I didn’t get there into almost 2 pm.  Last week I’d learned that a group of spinners meet at our local science and history museum on the first Saturday of every month, and today I was determined to join them.  It’s quite a small group (usually only 3 women, but 1 wasn’t able to make it today), but it’s a great deal for the group and the museum.  The group gets a place to meet and spin, and the museum gets real live exhibits willing to explain what they’re doing to curious patrons.

So Steve and I took both kids to the museum, since it has a children’s area.  Jeffrey adored that area, especially the small shrimp boat mock up.  He and I spent a fair amount of time there, where I was required to say, “Aye, aye, Captain Jeffrey!” at regular intervals.  Lexie just had a blast walking all over the entire museum with Steve tagging along.  After about an hour it was time to get Lexie home for lunch and her nap, so Steve left with the kids and I joined the 2 spinners on the stage.  I actually offered a nice counterpoint; they both spun with wheels, and I had my drop spindle.  We were able to explain to a few interested people that we were all actually doing the same thing–I was just using a slightly more primative tool (considering the section of the museum we were in, it was rather appropriate).  I was working on this Shady Fibers roving:

Shady Fibers merino roving Blush

The colors were much admired as we spun for about an hour before breaking for lunch. I spun a little more afterwards, but then I was heading to the LYS. Steve’s going to be underway all of this month, so this was going to be my last chance to get there until next month.

I got there just as a friend was about to leave–she’d waited longer than usual, expecting me to be in any minute.  There were several other women there; we had a good sized crowd, so I relaxed with some conversation and showed off my work from the morning before I dug into my bag for my knitting.

Shortly after I did, my knitting friend Ruth asked for my help with her project.  She was working on Lion Brand’s Bunny Blanket Buddy, had reached the point where she was starting the second ear, and the numbers weren’t working out.  She knew I’d worked the pattern, so she was hoping I could figure out where she’d gone wrong.  I was pretty sure I could, and sure enough, it was the same problem I’d had.  Although the numbers look like they work out in the pattern, she’d finished Row 8 of the ears with 21 stitches, not 20…and the biggest problem this caused was that when she’d worked across the row she’d purled the stitches she was supposed to slip and vice versa.  As a result, she’d knit the head opening shut so she wasn’t going to be able to stuff it.

Jeffrey Bunny Buddy (1)Bunny Buddy 1 blog

Fortunately, it was an easy fix; I just had her tink back the row and then start the next row with a P2tog, and she was back on track.  I went back to my knitting, but only got a few more rows done.  Gloria had arrived, and she was having her problem with her Angel Heart Blanket (a charity project our guild makes for the local children’s hospital).  She’d made a mistake in a row, ripped back, and now she wasn’t sure where she was, so she was hoping I could look at it and tell where she was.  This wasn’t a pattern I’ve worked yet, but Ruth had, and after Gloria and Ruth pointed out a few spots in the pattern I was able to read what I was looking at.  I was able to figure out both what row she was on in the pattern repeat and why she’d had trouble in the later row; she’d made a mistake in the row on the needle.  So all she needed to do was rip back one row and she’d be good.

Several rows of my knitting later, the other Gloria (who works at the LYS) asked me to handle the interview of the first Gloria for our guild newsletter.  The woman who was originally going to do it didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, so it had fallen to Gloria #2…who wasn’t comfortable either.  I just laughed and took the list of questions and proceeded to interview Gloria #1.

About that time, Ruth had run into a few more problems with the bunny, so I was able to walk her through them.  That’s when I realized that at some point I’d become one of the go-to people at the LYS.  It was just sort of expected that I’d be able to look at someone’s knitting and figure out not only where they’d made their mistake but how to fix it…even if I’d never seen the pattern before.

And that’s a nice feeling.



  1. That’s so cool! You are becoming a knitting guru!

  2. I can’t wait to see pics of your spinning. 🙂

  3. It sounds like a fun day! Whereas I wandered Lowe’s with the hubby and kid, and managed to want to dropkick the new computer back to it’s country of origin. But the computer now talks to the camera, and I know how to make the stupid computer let me do what I want (most of the time).


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