Posted by: jinniver | April 3, 2009

How addicted am I to knitting?

Well, according to this site:

You scored 64%. You are a recreational knitter. Although other people accuse you of addiction, you are not addicted.  Nope. Knitting is just fun. You could quit any time. Really.

I think I’m a little insulted.  I’m pretty sure I’m more addicted than that, and I’m willing to admit it.  One of the questions was flawed, since it asked how many days I skip work to knit.  Um…stay-at-home mom.  My work is right here!  So I probably should have said that I knit in work “meetings”…



  1. Um I personally think stay at home mom is a job harder than mine!! I know there were days I couldn’t wait to drop Angie off at the sitters. Unfortunately it’s really hard to call out ..


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