Posted by: jinniver | March 30, 2009

A few finished objects

Two days ago I promised more info on Lexie’s new diaper cover–and I said I was plugging away at my Doo-Da-Dah shawl.  As of today, both are officially FOs!

A little less than halfway into the knitting of Lexie’s diaper cover, I wasn’t sure it was going to fit. It just looked too small.  But once I was done, I was feeling a lot more confident about the result.  Sewing up the seams was a bit of a bear; I used the same yarn I knit with (as always) but it tended to stick and was hard to pull through.  Also, while I’ve got the mattress stitch down when it’s a straight seam, the diagonals tend to be…not as pretty.

Still, I’m quite satisfied with the end result:

Diaper cover (2)Diaper cover (3)

It’s definitely baggier in front than it needs to be, but I’m not sure if that’s a function of the pattern, my modifications to the pattern, or my finishing skills.  I don’t particularly care either way, since most people aren’t going to get this view of the cover; mostly they’ll see it covering her butt as she stands up in that ungainly way toddlers do!  I do like the bit of sparkle added by the yarn (Bernat Baby Coordinates), although that shiny thread was a pain in the butt while knitting.  It kept snagging no matter how carefully I knit (and since I spent most of my time on this knitting and chatting, I usually wasn’t knitting carefully!) and despite the fact that my needle tips aren’t exceptionally pointy.  It was worth it in the end, so now it doesn’t matter how ladylike (or not) Lexie is when she sits down.

Diaper cover

And today, I finished my shawl.  I’m not sure what compelled me to power through this, other than the fact that all the yarns together looked so cool and so I couldn’t wait to see it finished.  Now that it’s done I’m not sure when I’ll be wearing it…but I’ll find an excuse.  Some way, some how, I’ll find a reason.

Doo-Da-Dah shawl in blue (4)

I love those colors. Love them.  And it’s such a great use of novelty yarns.  I really think that most of those yarns, had I knit an entire shawl from just one, would be too overwhelming.  It would be too fuzzy or too glittery.  But in combination, I think the best is brought out in every yarn.

The only part I didn’t like was the finishing, just because it was a bit tedious.  After all, there’s a lot of different sections of yarn in there…which means a lot of joins.  This was an instance where knotting the yarn was a must–the fabric was too loose and the yarn too slippery for weaving in tails.  So instead each join was knotted and then glued with fabric glue.  Stockinette stitch meant there’s a definite wrong side for all of the knots.

Doo-Da-Dah shawl in blue

My shawl did turn out much narrower and longer than the sample.  I’m not sure if perhaps there was an error in the pattern, or if it’s because I knit tighter than average (although I don’t think I knit that much tighter).  I don’t mind the narrowness, but when I knit the next one (in the golds and creams), I’m going to cast on more stitches.

Then I need to find a babysitter so Steve and I can go to a fancy dinner so I can wear my shawl…after I go shopping for a worthy dress!



  1. Look at you, finishing two projects in one week! I have to get cracking on that sample I’m knitting, you’re great inspiration. Love your stole and the diaper cover looks cute. Wonder if you could knit it in the round and bind off for the legs?

  2. wowsers! I wish I could finish 2 projects in one week. They both look nice, and I agree with Benne about the knit in the round. Must be a way to do that.

  3. Well, while I finished them both in the same week (2 days apart), that’s a bit misleading. While the diaper cover took me 4 days, I started the shawl on March 12–so, about 2 1/2 weeks. Not quite as impressive!

    The diaper cover could probably be knit in the round…but there are more rows in the back than in the front, which is adjusted for during the sewing up (2 rows of back for 1 row of front with most stitches). That would require the addition of short rows…and I’m not sure I’m ready for trying to figure those out just yet.

  4. Most excellent finishes! Love the colors on the shawl. And I think Steve needs to treat you to a night out, just on general principles… 🙂

  5. Still – 2 in one week – I hate seaming and weaving so 2 in one week would be a stretch..

    As for wearing – You’re in Texas – warm but windy in the spring – I’ve been wearing my ripple a lot, because like today is 56 degrees and breezy – and those rectangle shawls are perfect over a tank top and jeans -just bring one side up a bit and you’ll have enough to throw over a shoulder – and I just pin it around the tank strap with a shawl pin. took me a while to come up with that – but me just loves my noro!!


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