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Random musings

I’ve seen blogs where the author sets aside one day where they type about a certain number of random things.  I considered doing that…just to make it a little less obvious that I don’t have a full story worth telling.  But then I get locked in to a specific day, and a specific number of items…  So let’s just be honest about it–I’ve got some stuff to say and it’s all disjointed.  I’ll try to at least make it interesting.


Recently, a friend of mine asked those of us in one of the NASCAR groups on Ravelry to check out a thread where they were running a contest for St. Patrick’s Day related projects.  A friend of hers had submitted one of hers–an original design, although that wasn’t required–and she was asking us to vote for it if we thought it was the best.  In my opinion it was, although there two others that came close.  Even better, the Clover Leaf Scarf (or Stole) is being offered as a free pattern from Elann (and is so beautiful it’s being used as their cover pattern).

Also catching my eye in that thread was mybonnykate’s Irish Baby Dress. She described it as “a bit o’ green” for her “bit o’ redhead,” and there wasn’t anything about it that wasn’t perfect. The pattern was beautiful and beautifully done, and the green was perfect for the heart-breakingly adorable little redheaded girl wearing it. I loved the dress so much I immediately wanted to make one for Lexie, and thoughts of my already overloaded queue were not dissuading me. Fortunately, I figured chances were the pattern was either in a book I didn’t have, or in a size too small for my girl. Nope, and nope. The dress, bonnet, socks, and stuffed duck set is offered free from DROPS and goes up to a size 3/4.


Like many people, I’m on Twitter.  I’m not sure why anyone would be that interested in 140 characters worth of my daily minutiea, but apparently 101 people are.  One thing I don’t do–or didn’t until recently–is follow celebrities.  For one, I’m not interested in most of their lives.  For another, I’ve always suspected most of them don’t Twitter themselves…so what’s the point?  A recent article I read revealed that a number of celebrities do, in fact, hire ghost Twitterers–no surprise–and I got the link from the only celebrity I do follow: Adam Savage of Mythbusters.  His tweets have been fun to read and interesting, but yesterday got surreal.  He tweeted excitedly that he’d gotten a comment from Alyson Hannigan (who, to me, will always be Buffy’s Willow)!  I hopped over to her page to see her excited tweet that she was being followed by–gasp!–Adam Savage!  Seeing two famous people–both of whom I’m a fan of–so excited about being noticed by the other was rather endearingly amusing.


I gave away my first business card today!  A young woman came into Knotty Girl this afternoon looking for some help with her brand new (to her) antique spinning wheel.  She was pretty sure it was missing a part, but wasn’t sure which, and she was looking for help.  Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t there, and none of us who were had the expertise needed.  One recommendation was that she check out the spinning group who meets at the children’s science museum one Saturday a month–which I’d never heard of before; I’ll have to check them out too!–but I also asked if she was on Ravelry, to suggest she try some of the spinning groups there.  She is on Ravelry (and recognized me from my Ravatar, amusingly), so I gave her my card so she’d have my Ravelry name.


Also got some knitting done today.  I finished the diaper cover for Lexie, but more on that after I try it on her to make sure it fits!  I’m also better than halfway done with my Doo-Da-Dah shawl in blues.  I’m just loving how this is knitting up, although it looks like mine will be more narrow than the sample because of my tighter knitting.  I’ll go up a needle size when I knit the next one, since I bought two kits:

006_ravyarn0602 (2)

And now, I’m going to get back to it.



  1. I saw that dress too – it was too cute, I wish I knit when Angel was a baby! That thing with Adam Savage on twitter is hysterical.


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