Posted by: jinniver | March 27, 2009

Yarn at the post office

Have I mentioned that I love my hat? I do.  We spent all of today under a wind advisory–not that I needed the little pop up on my computer to warn me.  I could hear it out there.  But all I need to do was pin my hat on with a couple of bobby pins, and voila!  No hair in face.

I had my hat on when I went to the post office this morning.  I was overdue to mail out the non-locally won raffle prizes–some of the donated prizes haven’t arrived yet, and I didn’t want to do multiple mailings to the same people if I could help it…but I didn’t feel right waiting any longer.  My first stop had to be Wal-Mart, because one of my winners came from the United Kingdom, and I just wasn’t willing to pack that yarn in an envelope!  So I picked up a box and some packing tape, and packed up the yarn while sitting in the van.  Lexie was strapped in her car seat behind me getting a little fussy–she hates being in a non-moving anything–until Shania Twain came on the radio.  Suddenly, I heard slapping and “singing,” and turned around to find Lexie slapping her knees to the beat as she rocked along to Man…I Feel Like a Woman.  Whatever works, I guess.

At the post office, I found a double bonus:  no one in line, and the blonde postal clerk behind the counter.  She’s the only one at our local post office who is cheerful and competent.  The brunette is competent, but she never smiles and never responds to a conversational gambit.  The guy’s just an idiot.  But the blonde always has a smile, always tries to get you the cheapest shipping without you having to ask, and can always answer questions.  I filled out the one customs form I needed and walked up to the counter.

“Just this?” the postal clerk asked cheerfully as I put the box and customs form in front of her.

“Um…and this,” I said apologetically as I pulled the trash bag full (yes, full) of yarn-stuffed envelopes out of the stroller basket.  She didn’t even blink, even when I asked for delivery confirmation on all the domestic packages.

As she got postage and delivery confirmation set up (and I filled out the smaller customs form–the box was small enough for cheaper overseas shipping, but it required a different form, of course), we chatted about my large mailing.  I explained I’d done a raffle to raise money for the MS Walk, and these people had won yarn from my stash.

“Oh, so you’re knitter?” she asked.


“So you make…quilts?”  She caught herself quickly.  “No, not quilts.  I mean…afghans?”

“Some do, but I don’t,” I answered (and decided not to mention that I actually do make quilts…just not with yarn).  “I like smaller projects.  Like my hat.”  Yes, I take every chance I find to mention my hat.

The postal clerk made the obligatory approving noises, admiring the colors, we finished up, and I left.  I expected to be a little more sad about saying good-bye to my yarn, but I guess I already did that back when I matched it up with the winners.  I know the Ravelry names of some of the winners–I plan on stalking them in the hopes of seeing what they do with their new yarn.



  1. I can’t wait to get mine!! THANKS!! 🙂

  2. The thought of Lexie rocking out to Shania is hysterical!! You go girl!!

    The only “functional” lady at our post office keeps trying to buy my purse.


  3. My yarn arrived today, thank you Jinniver.

    Sorry you had to buy a box and everything.

  4. Don’t feel bad! I thought it was pretty cool that I had an overseas winner! 🙂 And I wanted to make sure your yarn arrived safely…so it was worth it to spend a dollar or so extra for the box.


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