Posted by: jinniver | March 24, 2009

When shopping leads to more knitting

Last week, I bought the kids their summer clothes.  The last thing I expected was that it would lead to changes in my knitting plans.

I already talked about ripping and reknitting Jeffrey’s sweater so it was longer (the back and both fronts are done; I’ve cast on the first sleeve). But now I have to do more knitting for Lexie too–a completely unplanned project.

At almost 17 months, Lexie can wear 18 month or 2T shirts (the pants, however, fall off of her–so no joy with those really cute matched sets, since she can’t wear the same size shirt and pants).  While I was having her try on clothes, I found a really adorable top that didn’t come any smaller than 2T.  I knew the width would work, but it was a longer-than-standard shirt, so I wasn’t sure if the length would work without looking silly.  So I put one on her and had her walk around for a bit.  I could still see her shorts under the t-shirt, so it wasn’t too long…but I also realized that for now it’s long enough to be a short dress.

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Lexie wore it for the first time today, to go to Jeffrey’s music class.  That’s when I realized that if she was going to wear this as a dress, she needed a diaper cover.

Of course, the shirt didn’t come with one, because it was a shirt, not a dress.  So the easy solution was to knit.

Okay, the easy solution was probably to find one to buy.  But where’s the fun in buying one when I can knit one?

That meant I spent time today looking for a simple soaker pattern that would fit a larger child.  I’m going to stick with my “diaper cover” term, though, because “soaker” really turns me off.  The mental image it leaves is…not appealing.

One problem I had with finding a pattern was that all I need it to do is cover my daughter’s (non-cloth) diaper.  So I don’t need thick fabric–I don’t want thick fabric.  I need cool and lightweight so I can pair it with what’s supposed to be a summer dress.  And I certainly didn’t intend to knit with wool, since I don’t need the ability to absorb moisture.

After some digging, I settled on the Tiny Birds Soaker Pattern. It had the benefits of being free and available online–so I can start right away.  It also called for a gauge that I could easily get with some inexpensive yarn I have on hand.  The pattern calls for knitting worsted weight wool on US 5 needles; I’ll be knitting with some Bernat Baby Coordinates.  It’s a very soft DK weight acrylic (before you ask, no I’m not worried about it melting on Lexie; I plan to take the diaper cover off before I let her play with matches, obviously!), and with US 6 needles I can get the required gauge in a fabric that will be loose enough to be cool while still providing coverage.

So, I’ve cast on and am working on the ribbing.  Although I’ve obtained gauge, I’m just not sure this is going to be big enough as written, although it says it’s for babies 12 months and up, and Lexie’s still in 12 month shorts.  But I won’t be much to undo if I measure it against her tomorrow and see it will be too small.

After all, it won’t be the first thing I’ve ripped and redone for being too small recently.



  1. It’s a very soft DK weight acrylic (before you ask, no I’m not worried about it melting on Lexie; I plan to take the diaper cover off before I let her play with matches, obviously!)

    You are a Momma I would love to be friends with! Your sense of humor, as you wade through the daily grind of parenthood? Love it to pieces!

    Funny funny funny, and I’m sure you’ll cover The Little Missus’ backside in fantastic knits, as she so deserves :chuckle:

  2. OK, you have given me my new thing for the day. Knit diaper cover! Never heard of em, but love the idea, have been looking for something to knit up fast for my niece (just had a baby) who loves the odd and unusual, this will be perfect! thanks!


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