Posted by: jinniver | March 23, 2009

A huge sacrifice

Now, I hope you’re happy.  Because what I’m about to do here hurts.  It really, really does.  The hand-dyed yarn loving voice inside of me right now is screaming, “No!  No! Don’t tell them! Keep it to yourself, for the love of all that is soft and colorful!

But…durnit, it’s not the right thing to do.

So, here it is: the Biggest Yarn Giveaway Ever!

Three Irish Girls has just released their spring yarn colorways (you can download the gorgeous Spring Lookbook here as a PDF).  Those of us in her Ravelry group spent much of the advertised release date refreshing the yarn page on her store site, and there were a flurry of posts as new colorways started appearing.  The general consensus was that picking just one would be difficult, if not impossible; many people answered the question of “Which one do you want?” with “ALL!”

I’ve already ordered two of the spring colorways: Jack and Kate.  The first picture I saw of Jack showed the skein peeking out of the top of a bag, and the glorious greens grabbed me.  I knew I wanted to get a yarn to make something for Jeffrey, and I love putting him in greens because of his green eyes.  So I mentally selected that one and moved on to pick a yarn for Lexie.  But when I came back and went to the yarn page…I was a bit shocked by the yellow, orange, and brown.  I’m not a fan of orange, and that yellow wasn’t a shade I usually like (but the brown was delicious, and I don’t usually say that about colors).  So I went back to look at some of the other green yarns…but I just kept coming back to Jack.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  And the colors worked amazingly well.  In the end, I still had to have it, and I’m going to have a blast knitting it…once I find (or design) the perfect sweater pattern for Jeffrey.

Kate, on the other hand, was an immediate yes for me.  In fact, I had to force myself to look at the other colors, just in case there might be one I liked better, but there wasn’t–not for Lexie.  The pinks and browns were beautiful, but it was that touch of lime green that did it.  It just made the other colors glow.  And I already had a pattern I wanted to knit for Lexie: Summer Sox Child’s Cardi.  As for me…I’m still trying to figure out my perfect color.  I love Brady, and Connor, and Ian, and Maura, and Niall…

But maybe, just maybe, I’m going to get some help with that decision.  Because that yarn giveaway includes every new colorway.  Twenty winners will get one of those brand new colorways of their very own.  Maybe I’ll get one of those colorways I’m drooling over, and when I hold it in my hands I will know it is the one.  And maybe I’ll also win the grand prize of the $150 gift certificate, which I can use to buy enough of my new One for a sweater…

Or, maybe you’ll win, since I’m being generous enough to share this information (you can thank me later, of course).  Just hurry!  You only have until 4:30 am Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, March 25th to enter!

And in case you’re wondering if it’s worth it, here are some of the beauties I’ve already received from Three Irish Girls:

3IG Riddermark Aug 083IG Kells Jul 08 (3)3IG BFL July 08 (2)3IG Elenya Alpaca Barcelona (1)102208 0023IG Petit Fours (3)3IG Galenas Merino Gingerbread House (2)3IG Galenas Merino Cinnamon Spice (2)3IG Carys BFL Sock Jack Frost (2)3IG Carys BFL Sock Mulled Wine (2)3IG Springvale Benevolent (2)3IG Springvale Halcyon (3)3IG Carys BFL Smoky Quartz3IG Carys BFL Pewter Amethyst



  1. You didn’t really mention what you need to do to enter the give-away 🙂

    • Click on the words, “Biggest Yarn Giveaway Ever”

  2. Oh you wicked, wicked woman. Ya, you have couched the whole thing in a “oh, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m doing you a favour, I’m giving you something I want to keep all to myself but I’m too nice to do that, blahblahblah, it’s all about you, blahblah…” When really what you are doing is enslaving more of us (read ME) into this wonderise world of beautiful colour and fabulous yarn.

    The Three Irish Girls have cast a spell to satisfy their evil greed. You and your fellow F5’ers, domed to continually refresh are compelled to ensnare more slaves to keep you company. And now….. I must join in, even though I know I am being lured to my financial death with every click I can’t not stop. Oh my Bob! The oranges, the greens, the stunning yellows! AAAhhhhhh!

    BTW, that child’s cardi is adorable! I think Kate is perfect. And Jack! Oh my, what a combo. I love it. I am very curious how it knits up. I’m in between paydays so no yarn for me today but Friday’s comin’. 😉


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