Posted by: jinniver | March 21, 2009

Redo and redesign

I mentioned Thursday that I was planning to rip back the finished back and right side of Jeffrey’s Christmas Spices Cardigan because they were going to be too short for my tall and rapidly growing big guy.  Friday, I did just that.  The ripping back went much smoother than I anticipated.  Three Irish Girls’ Galenas Merino has a nice “stick” to the yarn that means you need to work hard to drop stitches.

I felt a definite twinge as I cut out the first knot (it was too tight to undo), but once I got started, I was glad I was doing it.  Otherwise, I would have spent the rest of the time I was working on this sweater second-guessing a decision to continue.  I started reknitting the back last night, and continued again today at Knotty Girl.  The challenge to knitting it at the LYS is that I don’t have my son there for an immediate size check…so I had to call home.  After a search-for-measuring-tape conversation worthy of the Keystone Kops, Steve finally was able to inform me that Jeffrey measured about 16 1/2″ from the top of his shoulder to the middle of his butt.  I measured what I had done of the back, and it was just shy of 18″.  Considering Jeffrey’s usual growth spurts, that’s probably perfect.

Of course, that’s when I discovered that Lexie had pulled that pattern out of my knitting bag (I found it on the floor when I got home), so I couldn’t start the neck shaping. Back to the Doo Da Dah shawl (which is now half-finished)…


As you may have noticed, The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts has a new look.  Not much of one–the difference is entirely in the sidebar.  I know there are bloggers who say they get bored easily and like to redo their entire look frequently, but I’m not a fan of that.  I like to have a specific look that I stick with, and this one has worked well for me.  I personally hate to get used to something and then have to learn my way around it again.

However, I didn’t feel my sidebar was working.  For one, I’d seen other blogs where they had their original designs all listed in one spot in the sidebar, rather than require someone to search for them.  While the purpose of my blog isn’t to share my designs, that is a big part of it.  But I didn’t want my sidebar to get too huge and unwieldy, and it was trending that way if I just added to it.  So I removed some items that I didn’t feel were of much use, added the designs, and rearranged.  Let me know what you think–do you like the new look?  Hate it?  Too much?  Something missing now you desperately depended on?


A friend of mine recently asked why her readers blog.  I answered her question, but then I discovered that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee had already answered it more concisely than I did. I was reading a copy of her At Knit’s End, when I read a meditation that really spoke to me.  Stephanie was talking about why she joined a guild…

I will join my local club or guild so that I can talk about knitting and still get invited to my friends’ parties.

…but it could easily explain my blog.



  1. I like your new sidebar. It looks clean and the project pictures are appealing. And I’m with you; I don’t like to change for change’s sake.

  2. I love the new look! It’s neat to see how many people are working on your projects over @ Rav!
    I’m looking forward to tackling the new slouchy hat – but I gotta once again swatch for a substitute yarn. :-p
    Hugs for you and yours during the usual military moving upheaval!

  3. I have to admit that while I’m a regular reader, I rarely visit your site. I cheat and read blogs through Google Reader. But after seeing your comment about changing it up, I decided to come visit.

    Well done! I love how clean it all feels. 🙂

    About the decision to rip: Congratulations. You did something that I, personally, find very difficult. I usually think “This should be ripped… I think…. probably.” But I continue knitting because I doubt myself. Then a few hours later, all the while thinking “I probably should have frogged,” I realise that yes, I SHOULD have frogged several hours of work-worth awhile.

    I’m getting better at trusting my knitting instincts (I’ve only been knitting about 3.5 years now), but it’s still a lesson I’m learning. I think it’s all part of the process of becoming a Knitter (rather than a mere knitter).

  4. Oh, frogging is still so traumatic for me!! I do it but need a hug after ( seriously ). I’m thinking about the windy days hat. Need to find some Tony colored yarn. My hair’s long, but if I don’t want to do anything with it, that hat would work perfectly over a loose looped pony tail. Like the new look.


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