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Knitting in the drivethru

About a month ago, I mentioned that I stop by Dairy Queen every Thursday night on my way back from Sit ‘n Knit to pick up something for Steve, to “pay” him for watching the kids one night a week so I can get a night out to knit.  The Dairy Queen in our hometown must have the slowest and most inefficient drivethru I’ve ever experienced.  So many times I’ve sat there and watched as one person takes all of the orders, takes all of the payments, and makes all of the orders…while 5 other people stand around nearby and chat.

So, tonight I did what I always do while waiting in the Dairy Queen drivethru–I pulled out my knitting.

Having finished my lace hat yesterday, I spent my time at Sit ‘n Knit working on my Doo-Da-Dah shawl. It’s a very simple knit–all stockinette–because what makes it spectacular is the mix of yarns:


The simplicity makes it a perfect knit for knitting at Knotty Girl.  It’s impossible (for me, at least) to concentrate on a complicated pattern while I’m there–it takes away from the fun of conversation.  However, while I was working on my shawl, several people asked about the sweater I’m making Jeffrey, his Christmas Spices Cardigan. It’s been a while since I’d worked on it, especially since I wanted to focus on my lace hat.

But now that that’s done…

I’ve been carrying the cardigan around in my knitting bag the whole time I’d been neglecting it, and now that people were asking about it, I was fired with the urge to get back to it.

Christmas Spices Cardigan (3)

Christmas Spices Cardigan (4)

So I pulled out what I’d finished–I’ve got the back and right side done–and showed it off to everyone. Unfortunately, as I did, the doubts that had contributed to my tucking the project away resurfaced.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be too short.

I spent some time considering what size I was going to knit–the sweater is sized up to 5T.  Jeffrey doesn’t turn 4 until next month, but he’s already quite tall for his age; a few months after his 3rd birthday he was measuring in the 95th percentile in height…for a 4-year-old.  But he’s also skinny in comparison to his height.  We have to buy adjustable waist jeans and crank them in quite a bit.  Since this will be a sweater he’ll be wearing next fall, I finally decided to knit a 4T width and a 5T length.

When I finished the back, I held it up against Jeffrey to get a sense of whether it was long enough, and the first concerns developed.  It just looked a little short.  I worried about it all through knitting the right front, and all of the left front I’ve finished.  Those concerns made it easier to lay the sweater aside to work on other projects while I tried to avoid any possibility that I’d have to go rip the back and right front back to the neck shaping and knit each piece longer.

That “plan” worked right up until today…when I bought Jeffrey’s summer clothes.  He’s still wearing his old 3T t-shirts, and they’re getting embarrassingly short.  So I had him try on shirts to see what size I need to buy.

He’s wearing size 5/6.  The shirts tend to have a bit of a tent-like fit, since neither his shoulders nor his chest are ready to fill out a shirt that size, but they’re the right length.

Tonight, as I pulled my knitting out to kill time in the Dairy Queen drivethru, I made a decision.  The right thing to do is pull out the neck shaping and knit the pieces longer.  I’m not going to happy with it unless I do, and although we joked that it’ll look great on Lexie (someday), this is Jeffrey’s sweater.  Time to start ripping.



  1. Proof positive that knitters understand “fit” more than designers, lol.

    Lucky You to have Mr. Intended Recipient at your fingertips for eyeballing and measuring. Us knitting Aunties have to rely on sporadic visits and the occasional picture updates for sizing help, and truth-be-told, it’s really not that helpful. As evidenced by my recent F.O.s – knitted and stuffed toys are a one-size-fits-all, thankfully. My next visit will involve measuring tape, notes and bribes 😀

  2. This is why I don’t knit for my niece.

  3. Good for you! It will be perfect.

  4. Angie was like that as a kid – 95th percentile height and 25th for weight. WE bought clothes long enough and my mother in lawtook them all in!


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