Posted by: jinniver | March 17, 2009

My new knitting bling

It was inevitable.  I have pretty yarns for knitting.  I have pretty tools for knitting.  Eventually, I was going to need pretty jewelry about knitting.

I do a lot more reading than posting on Twitter, most of the time.  For a while I was only updating when I had a new blog post, but now I’ve added in some general chat.  I still don’t think it’s enough to justify 90+ followers (numbers fluctuate depending on how many spammers have followed me in the (futile) hope that I’ll follow them back), but I do enjoy reading the updates of friends and people–real people–who followed me and sounded interesting so I followed them in return.

One such “Twitter friend” is jlyarnworks. I was initially leery because she mentioned a home business in her bio and she’s following over 1000 people–usually 2 red flags. But she’s being followed by over 800, which is not what you see with a spammer, and in reading her updates I figured she sounded interesting.

JL Yarnworks is both a blog and a store that together cover a lot of things knitting: yarn, tutorials, knitting life experiences, stitch markers… But I didn’t know about any of that at first; I just enjoyed following her updates.

Then, one fateful day, she Twittered that she was making knitting themed Scrabble tile pendants. I wasn’t even sure what to picture here, so I clicked on the link she included…and found something that looked like these. The first one I clicked on happened to be a picture of a woman and a girl knitting together, and my mind immediately interpreted it as mom teaching young daughter to knit. I had to have it.

I did click away and click around a bit–the pendants weren’t yet for sale anyway–but I couldn’t forget that pendant. So I gave in and sent jlyarnworks a message. She responded, offering to let me know when the pendant was listed.

The wait was short but excruciating.

Finally, I got the notice I’d been waiting for, and I rushed to her etsy store to ensure I got it first…only to find she’d reserved the item for me. I still completed the purchase with unseemly haste…especially since as soon as I was done I saw another pendant, this time of a young girl knitting by herself. That one I bought for Lexie to have someday.

The pendants arrived a few days ago, and I’ve been wearing mine–the mom and daughter knitting–ever since.

Knitting themed Scrabble pendants

I love them. Mom and daughter look like they’re having such a good time together, and the young girl looks so serious as she works on her sock (at least, I think it’s a sock). They both came on long black ribbons, ready to wear immediately. And jlyarnworks even included a pretty little stitch marker in one of my favorite colors!

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on her shop to see what other artwork she uses–I may just start a collection!



  1. I need to learn about Twitter. I’m so behind on the technology front since I don’t teach or tutor anymore. *sigh*

  2. Hey Jinniver! I just found this blog post. 🙂 I’m so glad you like your pendants. I’ll reserve one just for you anytime you want. I can also make them with just about any copyright-free image, so if you have a favorite image, let me know! I could even do one with one of your pictures if you take one and ask for it to be made. (A custom order like that would cost just a tinge more and could take up to a month.)

    Oh and I enjoy your twitter updates too! Yours have been much more consistent than mine lately! 🙂

    • Hey, Jackie! I just now saw your comment; I forgot to update my email account with WordPress, so I didn’t get the notification. 🙂 I’ll keep the custom orders in mind–my son’s interested in learning to knit (off and on) and I’ve got a picture of him that would look really cute!


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