Posted by: jinniver | March 12, 2009

Beware friends bearing gifts…

…or beware bearing a gift to your friend.

Earlier this week, a knitting friend of mine called.  She was cleaning out her craft room and had some fabric that she knew she wasn’t going to use.  She knows that I both quilt and sew, so she wanted to see if I wanted it.

Anyone who knows me well knows the odds of me turning down free fabric are about the same as…the odds of the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl this year (sorry to anyone from Detroit!).  We arranged for the fabric handover to take place at tonight’s Sit ‘n Knit at Knotty Girl.

As soon as I arrived, my friend suggested we go ahead and move the fabric to my vehicle–it’s cold and wet out today, and I still had my jacket on, so it made sense.  We got to her car, she opened the trunk…and I was a little stunned at my bounty.  There were several bags of fabric, along with 2 partial bolts–and my friend threw in a couple hand towels with cross stitch patterns on them, since she knows I do that too.  Between us, we managed to get everything out of the trunk, although there was one bag left:  a bag of yarn my friend had brought for yet another knitting friend.

Since my friend’s arms were pretty full, I decided to be helpful and close the trunk for her.  Unfortunately, I did so as she was reaching back in for the bag of yarn.  Beware bearing a gift to your friend…

We spent the rest of the night cracking jokes about my “attempt” to concuss my friend.  Fortunately, my friend immediately forgave me, and did not need me to flag down the fire truck that went by almost immediately after I hit her head with the trunk lid (we did joke about how fast they’d gotten there–and I hadn’t even called 911 yet!).  She did rag me about it most of the night, but I ragged her right back, and we all got a lot of laughter out of it.

When I got home, I told Steve, “The good news is that I was not the one who suffered a head injury tonight.”  (It’s good news because I kind of have a propensity for them–don’t ask.)

Steve:  “Okaaaaay…”

Me:  “The bad news is that I inflicted it.”

Steve:  “I figured as much.”

I showed off my new fabric…and then it hit me:  When am I going to find the time to sew all of this?

gift of fabric

Beware friends bearing gifts…



  1. Did I ever tell you that my fiance konked me in the head with the hatchback of my car? Gave me a concussion?

    I still married him. Celebrating 25 years this summer.

    That’s some haul of fabric!!! Have fun! 🙂


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