Posted by: jinniver | March 10, 2009

Only 3 more days!

The last month has been truly amazing.

When I first started fund raising for the 2009 MS Walk Corpus Christi, I set my goal at $1000.  My goal last year had been $800, and I fell just short.  So I felt that another $200+ was doable if I just reached out to my fellow knitters.

It wasn’t long before I raised my goal to $1500.  Then $1750.  Then $2000.

Today, my goal is $2250.

And I was able to raise my goal so high thanks to you knitters and crocheters–together you helped me raise $1180!

There are 3 days left until the MS Walk, and I am almost at my goal–91% of the way there, in fact.  I’ve been able to raise $2051 (I know, it’s kind of a funny number.  Two Naval Academy classmates donated a motivational $96 since we’re class of ’96).  That means I’ve got 3 days to raise that last $199.

So I’m putting out the call one last time!  If just 40 more knitters or crocheters donate $5 (which, incidentally gets you a entry into the Raid Jen’s Stash Raffle where you can win yarn!), I’ll make it!  So, if you can donate, that’s great; if you can spread the word, that’s wonderful!  Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated, as we work to stop MS from stopping anyone else from moving.

2009 MS Walk Stash Raflle
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