Posted by: jinniver | March 8, 2009

Never again, again

LeeAnn Womack wasn’t singing about my day today, but she could have been.

Never again will I pull Handmaiden Sea Silk from a center pull ball. After reading posts on Ravelry about people who confidently proclaimed the ease with which the thinnest and slipperiest yarn could be pulled from the center, I was sure I could do it too. I was wrong. The latest yarn barf knot took me hours to undo, and I nearly gave up and hacked through it with scissors more than once. I thought about taking pictures for you all to see how ugly it was, but I realized I don’t ever want to see that again. Instead, I’ll leave you with a memory of my yarn in happier times:

Yarn 072508 (6)

Never again will I question the money I spent on my Ott lamp. I’ve used it quite a bit already, but when it gave me enough light to finally see through the last knot in my Sea Silk, I could have kissed it.

Never again will I laugh at people who hurt themselves playing on the Wii. Steve finally got ours set up yesterday (I bought it before Christmas), and he and Jeffrey immediately set out to test the bowling game.  In three games, Jeffrey was beating Steve.  We’ve played it quite a bit since, with some tennis and one game of golf thrown in.  Right now my left hip, right shoulder, and right elbow all ache.  Steve’s even worse.

Never again will I play Wii golf.  Wow, was that an exercise in frustration.

Never again will I underestimate my son’s ability to make the most mundane part of spinning my own yarn amusing. My very first skein of handspun yarn is still hung in our upstairs bathroom (it’s got the only tub with a shower curtain rod), which is where my son brushes his teeth and goes potty one last time before bed. The toilet’s right next to the tub, and as my son prepared himself, he saw the hanging yarn out of the corner of his eye…leading to this conversation with his dad:

Jeffrey (pointing at the yarn): “What is that?”
Steve: “It’s yarn.”
Jeffrey: “What’s the yarn doing?”
Steve: “It’s drying.”
Jeffrey (as though he’s never heard of such a thing before): “Drying?
Steve: “Yes.”
Jeffrey (long pause, then very doubtfully): “Well…ok.”

Never again will I second guess my desire to knit a baby sweater.  I love knitting baby sweaters.  I love knitting this baby sweater.  I don’t care if I’m all that close to the parents–the sweater is for the babies, and I love making something for them.  Even if the sweater for my husband’s friend’s baby isn’t the first step in repairing our relationship…even if the sweater is never worn…I’m at peace with my decision to make it.

Willard's cardigan (3)

Never again will I question Jeffrey’s NASCAR handicapping skills.  Each week a group of us pick a driver, and points are awarded based on how well our driver did.  Now, Jeffrey’s only 3, so we don’t apply all the rules to him, especially since he’ll only pick one of two drivers:  his friends Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Kyle Busch.  This week, he picked Dale Jr.  I figured he’d blown it.  He was right.  Of course, seeing as he’s kicking not only my butt, but the butt of almost everyone else (he’s in second place), I should have known better than to question him.  The fact that I didn’t is probably why I’m in last.

Never again will I design a lace hat.  This is a very simple lace pattern (Turkish faggotting), but the decreases are kicking my butt.  I know I’m going to love the hat…once I’m done.  In the meantime, it’s a real pain, and I’m not enjoying it.

Wind Bad for Bobs (2)

Never again will I say never again to designing.  Who am I kidding?  It’s a lie, and I know it.  You probably know it too.  I’m loving this, even the frustrating parts.



  1. so, how do you plan on remembering all those nevers?


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