Posted by: jinniver | March 5, 2009

Shipments, spindles, and surprises

Apparently, the way to get much anticipated packages to arrive is to blog about them.

I found two boxes sitting on my front porch just before lunch today, and I was so excited that I let my lunch get cold while I opened them.  The first was the package from Butterfly Girl Designs with my new top whorl drop spindle. Based on the look I got from Lexie in her booster seat, I gave a little squeal of delight when I saw it. Can you blame me?

Photo of side view of top whorl drop spindle with carved black shaft and mosaic abalone shell whorl

Photo of top view of mosaic abalone shell whorl

I adore abalone and mother of pearl and other similar colorful and luminescent shells and stones. I knew I’d love the whorl, but it’s even prettier in person. What I wasn’t expecting was the carving on the shaft, which gives the spindle a really delicate look. The only aspect that took me aback was that the whorl is a little looser on the shaft than I expected; I can move it around and I’m not sure if that’ll affect the balance when I spin. Can’t wait to give it a try to find out!

The other package was from Castle Fibers. As I began to cut the tape open, I suddenly felt a very strange certainty about the contents. I had no idea where it had come from, so I shook it off and went back to opening the box.

The first things I saw were my skeins of RIP yarns. Two of the skeins (one for me, one for the lucky MS raffle winner) were the Scab colorway, a deep dark red:

Photo of skein of Castle Fibers sock yarn in semi-solid dark red

There was one skein of Banshee, described as “screamin’ pink;” it’s a bright pink without being hot pink:

Photo of skein of Castle Fibers sock yarn in semi-solid deep pink

And then there my favorite, Deep Bruise. After 35 years of life as a real klutz, I’ve seen all of these colors on my extremities at one time or another; I just never thought they’d make pretty yarn!

Photo of Castle Fibers sock yarn in variegated pink, green, purple, and black

Since I’d been buying those limited edition colorways, I’d decided to take advantage of a sale Rita was offering on some of her sock yarn, and picked up 2 skeins: Really Red and Denim Days.

Photo of Castle Fibers sock yarn in semi solid bright red

Photo of Castle Fibers sock yarn in semi solid blue

But it was as I was lifting the bag with those yarns out of the box that I found a surprise. That strange certainty I mentioned earlier? Well, when I was first looking for a drop spindle, I asked Rita if she had any for sale; she’d previously had them stocked in her store. She said she had and would list one for me, but when she didn’t before shipping the yarn I assumed she was just too busy–she’s had 3 limited edition colorways to dye up in large quantities, after all. Yet, as I was opening the box, I suddenly knew there was a spindle inside, even though I hadn’t purchased one.

Under the yarn, this is what I found:

Photo of side view of top whorl drop spindle with straight natural wood shaft and handpainted whorl

I couldn’t have been more surprised, pleased, or touched at the gift. When I’d been shopping around, I’d been looking for a relatively heavy spindle. Everything I’d read indicated that for the heavier weight yarns I wanted to spin, I needed a heavy spindle, around a couple ounces, to get a proper twist. I couldn’t find one as heavy as I wanted, so I got the heaviest I could find. The one from Rita has got just the heft I wanted.

That’s not the crazy part, though. This is: hummingbirds are my favorite bird. I love their color and how they move. When we were stationed out in Monterey, California, the house we lived in had a huge picture window that looked out into the back yard. I put my desk right at that window. We had lots of hummingbirds in the area, so we hung a feeder for them in the tree right outside. I spent a lot of time just watching those flying jewels dart to and from the feeder. The one I saw the most, and the one I loved the most was the ruby-throated hummingbird:

Photo of top view of handpainted whorl, painting of a ruby throated hummingbird in flight, feeding from a red morning glory

Obviously, I love it.



  1. Those spindles are both gorgeous!! I am trying really hard not to try spinning – Maybe when Angie heads off to college – now I have no time for another obsession!


  2. Who said anything about having time? I’m still waiting for *that* shipment. 😉


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