Posted by: jinniver | March 4, 2009

The mailman cometh…but not quickly enough

I’m not a stalker. I swear. But these days I find myself eyeing the mailboxes across the street a lot more closely than normal. The sight of a small white vehicle with red and blue markings makes my heart go pitter pat. If I catch a glimpse of a small box or large envelope, I get a little lightheaded…which I realize is from holding my breath, which I let out with a sad sigh when I see it go into someone else’s box.

I’m not usually this bad, even when I know something’s on the way. It’s just that right now I’ve got 4 somethings on their way (and a fifth I’m waiting to hear on; it might be on the way and the seller forgot to notify me). That’s a lot more waiting than I’m used to packed into a small period of time.

First, I’ve got a mixed bag of yarn enroute from Castle Fibers. I’m not even sure what all might be in there, since I made several different purchases over several days. I pre-ordered one in each colorway of Rita’s R.I.P. Yarns, so I should have two Scabs (one for the raffle and one for me), one Banshee, and one Deep Bruise coming. I also ordered a couple skeins of sale yarn. I think all of the pre-order yarns have been dyed up, so the package might be all of my yarns. Woohoo!

I’m also awaiting a shipment from Artsygal: my Stripey Club yarn. Jas does the coolest striping fingering weight yarn, which always sold out with a few hours of hitting the store. So she decided to do a club, and that filled up pretty quickly. My first club shipment arrived in January, and the colors were rather unexpected–I’d never seen anything like this in her shop before:

Photo of two yarn cakes of fingering weight yarn, dyed to stripe in browns and grays

I’d always gone for the wild and crazy colors before, but I loved the understated elegance of these colors. I haven’t decided yet what I’m making with them, but it’ll definitely be something for me! Each colorway is a surprise, so I’ve got no idea what’s currently headed my way.

The package that will probably get here first, although it was the last purchased, is my new spindle! I finally settled on one from Butterfly Girl Designs. It’s important to me to support Ravelry advertisers–not to mention it helped me narrow the rather large number of etsy shops selling spindles!–and combined with my need for tools to be pretty, her spindles were perfect for me. (In fact, it was almost a mistake to go back to look at her site; she’s got some new ones listed and it was all I could do to get back out of there before I clicked on one for a closer look!) I’m getting a top whorl drop spindle described as “mosaic abalone shell”–I can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to use it! It was worth not only the price but the sales tax, which I had to pay since she’s a Texas resident too…which is why that package will probably be here first.

The last package I expect to receive is my new business cards from MOO. I originally got a free set of mini cards from them when I upgraded Flickr to a pro account, and they’ve come in quite handy. But the mini cards, since they’re only half the height of a traditional business card, have very small type and can only hold a too-limited amount of information. So I got the real thing this time, with a front design similar to my blog header. I thought about printing my own out, but I prefer the more professional look. Can’t wait to see how they turned out.

So, since I’ve worked myself up to a near fever pitch…think you can hook me up with just one package tomorrow, Mister Mailman?



  1. hope the yarn (and the free gift) are just the thing to help you make it through the drought!

  2. Thanks for the pic! I occasionally do darker colourways but most of the time I get distracted by the ‘oh pretty’ and go for the brights. I’m sure you know how that is! Heheh! I promise your shipment this month is very different. And very likely to arrive tomorrow.

    I have to resist looking at those spindles too.. I’ve been wanting one for a while but I just got a russian lace spindle at Stitches, and what with planning on spinning up atleast 4 oz of froghair on it.. EEK.. I better hold off on any more spindle purchases!

  3. I’ve been there – only you can’t see my mailbox from my windows. Sigh,


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