Posted by: jinniver | February 22, 2009

Knitting together the generations

Today I went to a birthday party for my knitting friend, Maggie.  Maggie and I met at Knotty Girl, where we bonded over our love of jewel toned yarns and stories of young children.  Her J is only a few years older than Jeffrey, and M is just a few months younger than Lexie, so we enjoy sharing tales of what the 4 kids have been up to that week.  We also talk about what we’ve done that week, things we’ve done before, and things we’d like to do…but it all comes back to the knitting.  Without knitting, it’s unlikely I would have this friendship I cherish…

…because today was Maggie’s 70th birthday, and lacking the knitting connection, we probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to find out how much we had in common since I turn 35 this summer.

Maggie was one of the first people I met at Knotty Girl.  I noticed first that she favored the same deep cool colors I did.  She struck up a conversation first, which I’ve since learned is how Maggie rolls–she’s very friendly and welcoming.  As we talked, we discovered how close in age my children and her grandchildren were, and we were off.  I always look forward to seeing her at Knotty Girl.

So I was thrilled when her daughter–whom I’d since met; her son M and Lexie were in a music class together–called to invite me to a surprise birthday luncheon.  All of the usual crowd at Knotty Girl was invited, and we discussed possible gifts for Maggie–naturally, we were thinking yarn related.  We finally decided on a group gift certificate so Maggie could have the fun of picking out just the yarn she wanted.  Ann also added one of her gorgeous shawl kits, using lightweight yarns in beautiful spring greens for a spring/summer shawl.

I’m not sure how Maggie’s daughter pulled off the surprise, considering the number of people invited and the fact that a number of people traveled from out of town or out of state, but it was clear when Maggie walked in that she was stunned.  She was thrilled to see all of us, including her knitting buddies–several of us were able to attend–and it was a wonderful party.  Towards the end, we brought out the knitting gifts; one of them was from her out-of-state friend who is also a knitter, and she wanted us to see her gift too.  The friend got her some beautiful coordinating red/purple yarn and a shawl pattern.  And one of the Knotty Girl knitters, not having heard about the gift certificate, got Maggie a few balls of a pretty new novelty yarn in purples, blues, and roses, along with a pattern and needles to knit it…but the coup de grace was the crocheted cupcake she made–it was so cute!

As Maggie opened her gifts, oohing, and ahhing, I was thinking about how grateful I was that thanks to knitting, it was perfectly natural for two women from two different generations to be friends.



  1. Aw, this is such a sweet post.


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