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A strange, strange knitting path

The original question was, “What cardigans look better on larger women?”

As I resemble that question, I clicked on over to see what the answers might be.   The usual suspects, like the February Lady Sweater (known at one time as “The Sweater that Ate Ravelry”), and Hey, Teach! were mentioned early and often, and led to the usual debate over just how universally flattering they really were and if they emphasized the right curves and hid the wrong ones or just made everyone look pregnant.  I didn’t pay much attention to the conversation; both are in my queue and I fully intend to find out for myself just how flattering they are for me.

I was on the lookout for new patterns, and this short-sleeved DROPS cardigan jumped out at me. Actually, it jumped out, grabbed hold of me, gave a good shake, and screamed, “Make me now!”  It was so insistent that I saved the pattern to my computer and began searching my stash on Ravelry to see if I already had the DK weight yarn I needed so I could cast on right away.

Unfortunately, I didn’t–at least not in the quantity I needed.


I had Rowan’s Silk Wool DK in a beautiful shade of red (312 Lip Gloss), but I only had 10 balls, and I would need more than that.  Too much of my yarn buying happened before I really had a good understanding of how much yarn was needed for some projects (like plus-sized cardigans).

Suddenly, the compulsion shifted.  I wasn’t going to be able to use the yarn I’d bought to make something for me…so what could I make with it?  How about a really pretty dress for Lexie?

So I hopped over to Ravelry’s advanced pattern search and looked for a girl’s dress knit in DK yarn, and the first pattern that jumped out at me was the Oriental Lily Dress.

I’ve been planning to make this dress for Lexie anyway.  The pattern is one that will showcase variegated yarns nicely, but there’s nothing that says it can’t be knit in a solid yarn.  In fact, it would look beautiful in this lipstick red.  And while I didn’t have enough for a cardigan for me, I had enough for dresses for Lexie and my niece Stella.

That was settled–all I need to do is find a nice variegated yarn for the “belt” that goes well with the red.  I need to knit the pattern soon anyway, since it only goes to a size 2/3 and our girls turn 2 this year (where does the time go?).  It would be the perfect winter dress for our girls, and I was quite satisfied with my plans…enough so that I figured the cardigan I wanted for me had receded far enough back in my mind that I wouldn’t think about it for a while.

And for a while, I was right.

Today was the Saturday guild meeting for the Knotty Knitters, and I repeated the same class on knitting on the internet.  After the meeting was over, Ann brought over some yarn that she’d recently gotten for the store–Paton’s new Silk Bamboo. She was working up a swatch of it, and it felt heavenly.  I love silk yarn and I love bamboo yarn–although I have yet to do anything with either–and so the idea of a reasonably priced silk/bamboo blend was intriguing.  I filed it away for future reference.

Later, after kniting the rest of the back and all of one sleeve of my newest baby cardigan project, I decided to take a much deserved stroll around Knotty Girls to stretch out.  That’s when I stumbled upon the display of the Paton yarn.

They have a color called Sapphire.

Paton's Silk Bamboo (2)

I wouldn’t have called it Sapphire.  To me, sapphire is a clear true blue, and this color had too much green.  I called the color Peacock, because the deep blue-green color evoked the feathers on the body of a peacock.

Jun 07 044

I love this color. I adore it. Of all of the cool colors–which, as I’ve mentioned, are my favorites–this would be my favorite color and shade. I happen to think I look pretty good in it, to boot.  So I fell.  Hard.

The question was, how much yarn would I need…and what would I do with it?  Fortunately, the LYS had a booklet from Patons with patterns specifically for the yarn.  Unfortunately, the two patterns I liked best were crochet.  I don’t crochet, yet.  But I was able to get a sense for how much yarn I would need for a short sleeved cardigan, which is what I wanted to do.  It was more than Knotty Girl had, so I put in an order for 16 balls, which should be enough for any pattern.

Then, when I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was find a pattern for my future yarn.  I looked it up on Ravelry, and discovered it was a DK weight yarn..which is just what I needed for my cardigan.

Guess it was meant to be.



  1. peacock green would be a great color for that cardigan!!

  2. Yeah. When it’s meant to be, you just stop fighting it and give in… 🙂


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