Posted by: jinniver | February 18, 2009

Now I need a spindle

No willpower.  Seriously–I have no willpower.  I was talking about willpower with a friend a few months ago, and she mentioned hers flying right out the window after she saw some beautiful yarn.  I told her that if hers ran into mine, to let me know.  It’s been gone so long I wouldn’t know what to do if it came back, but I was just wondering where it was and what it was doing these days.

Thanks to willpower’s absence, I’m about to become the proud but befuddled owner of 3 beautiful…rovings.  And I don’t spin.  Don’t know how to spin.  Don’t own any equipment I could use to spin.

But the rovings were just too seductive.  I shouldn’t have gone back to Shady Fiber’s shop, I really shouldn’t have.  Curiosity got the better of me–it took over all the room vacated by willpower–and stopped by for just a look.  Until she offered up her donation for my 2009 MS Walk raffle, I really hadn’t looked much at hand-dyed rovings before.  I knew I couldn’t use them at this point–although I fully intended to learn to spin someday, on a small scale–so there didn’t seem to be much point.

Which doesn’t really explain how 3 rovings ended up in my shopping cart, does it?

It started with the roving named Tulips.  It’s one of her non-superwash rovings, and the colors were so soft and and yet vibrant that I had to make something with it.  Then I flipped over to the superwash rovings, while I was at it, and picked up the pink/brown/white and blue/brown/white rovings I’d been eyeing since I paid my first visit to Shady Fiber’s shop.

Of course, I knew I loved the rovings.  But what would they look like spun up?

Fortunately, Shady Fibers recently shared a link to a great blog post at Crazy Monkey Creates that shows 4 different versions of the same roving spun up, to give an idea of what it will look like…or rather, what it could look like.  So I knew that whatever option I chose, I could come out with something really cool.

Of course, now I need just two things:  a spindle…and to learn how to spin.  I’ve got a lead on the spindle…but anyone have any good pointers on where to go to learn to drop spin?

In memory of His Royal Lowness, Oscar, GFKL mascot.  Run, boy, run.



  1. I thank you on Oscar’s behalf. I know he’s up there running, chasing squirrels, and he’ll be watching the races and keeping an eye out for what’s going on (between naps, of course).

  2. I have an extra spindle in your prospects don’t pan out.
    I can even give you the name of my fiber “supplier” (it is like drugs)!
    There are some good YouTube videos if you like visual/audio instruction. As for readable instruction, I can give you some links for that.
    As for in-person-hands-on….you’re on your own, I don’t know anyone in that part of Texas. 🙂

  3. Man, you’ve got it bad. Three?! That’s going to take a while on a drop spindle! I am still holding out, but rovings *are* beautiful…


    And the beginning spinners group on Ravelry. And the spindler’s group on Ravelry.

    Welcome to the dark side–we have fiber!

  5. Check out She has some amazingly beautiful spindles for sale.


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