Posted by: jinniver | February 15, 2009

I think I’m jealous

I mentioned a little over a week ago that a friend of mine, Shady Fibers, offered me the roving of my choice from her etsy shop.  I’m not a spinner myself, so I wasn’t sure what exactly to look for…but I was excited to be “shopping” nonetheless.

The hardest part was narrowing the choices down to one.  Shady Fibers has some truly beautiful rovings.  But as a non-spinner, it was hard for me to picture what those colors would look like spun up into yarn…so I just went with the one I liked the best.

Shady Fibers roving

I adored the colors in this roving.  I tend towards the cool colors myself, but I loved how the reds and oranges stood out.  There was just so much life and color to this roving that I was sure there’d be something in it for everyone.

Shady Fibers was good enough to send it to me so I could send it to the winner…but in retrospect I’m wondering if she was trying to hook me in!  At any rate, yesterday she asked if the package had arrived yet.  My first thought was that it might not have, since packages take longer to travel to south Texas, but then I realized she probably had delivery confirmation and knew something I didn’t…and neither Steve nor I had gotten the mail the day before.  I dressed quickly.

Sure enough, the envelope was in my mailbox.  I pulled the roving out right away.  It was just as beautiful in person as it had been on my computer screen–the colors are bright, deep, and crisp.  What the screen couldn’t convey, however, was how very soft it is.  I spent some time just petting and admiring…

Shady Fibers roving (2)

Shady Fibers roving (3)

…then I realized the envelope wasn’t empty.  Shady Fibers sent along some extras!

The first I found was the yarn.

Shady Fibers yarn (2)

Did I mention liking the cool colors?  Shady Fibers was generous enough to add some of her stash yarns to her prize, in this case the work of another indie dyer, dkKnits.  I love the red-purples and greens in this Technicolor Dream Toes sock yarn.  Plus, it’s soft and smooshy, and I caught myself making plans for what I’d do if it were mine…at which point I tucked it safely away for the eventual winner!

That’s when I realized the envelope wasn’t completely empty yet.

Shady Fibers extras

Aren’t these adorable?  I’ll be honest, I had to pick up a few for my daughter.  They’re a beautiful deep green and the beads give them just a bit of sparkle.

So…should you be the lucky winner of this prize in my 2009 MS Walk Raffle, these are the pretties you’ll be getting!

Yes.  I’m jealous.  And I need to learn how to spin.



  1. Gorgeous!! What I need to find is a spinner, so I can buy the bits of roving that don’t get spun into yarn. I learned how to needle felt last summer but it is hard to find bits of wool. They sell little packs at ac moore but only in a limited number of colors. I’m trying to figure out if a wire dog brush will “unspin” those snips of yarn I trim off my knitting.

  2. Here is a good blog post about”What will this roving look like spun up?”

  3. You *do* need to learn to spin. It’s relaxing. And to ria f: you need to find someone who processes wool into combed top–there’s always the short cuts/waste wool that’s left over. But your generic spinner rarely has “left over” roving. After all, we might need that extra foot of yarn in our projects. 😉


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