Posted by: jinniver | February 9, 2009

You’re mailing THAT?

Most of the larger-than-usual crowd in the post office were doing their best not to stare.  But I could tell they were watching out of the corner of their eyes, even if I didn’t catch their quick glances my way, for all but one wore looks of horrified fascination.

That one I had pegged as kindred spirit from the first.  She was the only one openly watching as I stuffed the flat rate boxes as full as I could, and her expression registered nothing more than curious interest.  “I see someone has some knitting to do,” she finally offered, clearly hoping for an explanation.

As I suspected, I’d connected with a fellow knitter.  She confided that she was mailing off a jumper to her granddaughter, adding somewhat sheepishly that it was supposed to be a Christmas present.  I could relate, seeing as my “Christmas knitting” wasn’t finished until the 4th of January–and she felt better at hearing that she wasn’t the only one.

But before we shared commiserations over tardy Christmas knits, I did answer the unasked question.  A friend, I explained, was doing some knitting that needed a lot of this kind of yarn:

Pile o' fun fur

And by a lot, I mean that the 3 flat rate boxes I stuffed as full as possible will barely make a dent in the project, which is why she’s getting yarn from all over the world (seriously).  Oh–you want to know what the project is?

That, I can not tell you.  It is a secret.


I can hardly believe that I’m typing this, but only one week after starting fundraising for the 2009 MS Walk with the Raid Jen’s Stash Raffle, I’ve had to raise my goal twice.  My original goal was $1000, but I was almost there in a few days.  My second goal was $1500, but as I was considering today that I’d probably need to increase it again, I suddenly found myself almost exceeding it.  Total raised to date:  $1485.  New goal:  $1750.  I’ve been truly humbled not only by the generosity of others, but by some of the notes of support and appreciation I’ve received.  Some of those came from people who apologized for not being able to donate, but apologies are certainly not necessary.  The words of support mean a lot, and knowing that sharing my story has helped others is more than gratifying.



  1. Oh, Jen, where does that put you now in the fundraisers? I’ll bet everyone will be so curious about how you raised so much! I’m willing to guess that ‘knitters’ will get you some raised eyebrows!

  2. seeing all that fun fur made my morning!

    and i’m so glad your fundraising is going so well!!

  3. I am using a heap of yarns like that to make squares for blankets to send to 3rd world countries. All the thin yarn I team up with 8ply and the squares turn out super warm and very cozy cause of the textures.
    I like your banner on the blog. I had the same bed when I was a kid.


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